Shure partners with McCartney & The Who for charity auction

Friday, 24 February 2017

USA / UK - The Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone has been used faithfully by the world’s most influential musicians since 1966. To celebrate and honour the strong connection of the SM58 to legendary musical artists, Shure has partnered with both Paul McCartney and The Who to make available at auction a one-time production of 600 serialized graphic painted SM58s.
All of the proceeds generated from the campaign will go directly toward foundations for which both artists are deeply vested, including Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday and The Who’s Teen Cancer America. The serialized microphones will come with graphics specific to each artist. The Paul McCartney Special Edition 50th Anniversary SM58 will feature cover art from the album Kisses on the Bottom, photographed by Mary McCartney, and The Who Special Edition will feature original artwork from graphic designer Richard Evans, who has been designing The Who’s album covers and promotional visuals since 1976.
Each artist will have 300 SM58 microphones produced for the auction, with serial numbers 11-300 listed for sale at a fixed price. Additionally, Shure will be auctioning off serial numbers 1-10, which feature hand-signed autographs on the microphone handles.
The limited edition microphones will be available at auction through eBay for Charity, with 100% of proceeds going directly to each


Outback names Ed Pagett as commercial director

Friday, 24 February 2017

UK - Outback Rigging has announced that Ed Pagett, formerly MD of Panalux Broadcast & Events has been appointment commercial director from 1February 2017.
Ed commented, “My role at Outback is to help diversify their product/service offering as well as increase market share and profile of the established core business – which traditionally has been rigging services to the events, exhibition and corporate presentation markets throughout the UK.”
He continued, “I initially took a six-month sabbatical after 11 years at Panalux to step back and evaluate where new, fresh and exciting opportunities lay. It wasn’t a complete break however because I remained (and continue to remain) heavily involved with the PLASA Board in my capacity as chairman. I have known Mark Surtees – MD of Outback Rigging for several years through PLASA and after an initial discussion, it didn’t take much persuasion for me to join Outback as part of their management team.”
With a career spanning 35 years in the entertainment and events industry Ed is a respected and recognized business leader and has developed an unusual mix of technical, creative, commercial and business skills with four leading industry brands – Strand Lighting, Vari-Lite, Panalux and PLASA.
“I have had the benefit of an incredibly broad range of experience and from that developed a thorou


Audioextreme joins Adamson’s global family

Friday, 24 February 2017

Italy - Adamson Systems Engineering has added another high profile partner to its global network as Italian production technologies provider Audioextreme kicked off 2017 with the purchase of an Adamson S-Series rig.
“We were searching for a high-quality system that would offer us and our customers an exclusive and competitive advantage in the market,” shares Giovanni Rosati, owner of Audioextreme. “After auditioning several high-end systems, we unanimously decided that the Adamson S-Series was the clear choice and it has already proven to be exactly what we needed.”
The system, sourced through Adamson’s exclusive Italian distributor, Audiosales, is comprised of 16 S10 two-way, full-range line source cabinets and eight S119 companion subwoofers and will be put to use in a wide array of applications.
“We’re delighted to announce this new and important addition to the Adamson network,” comments Stefano Rocchi, owner of Audiosales. “It’s been almost a year that Audiosales has represented Adamson in Italy and we’ve had a great response to the brand and the S-Series in particular. Thanks to Audioextreme’s purchase, Adamson will have a presence at more and more high-profile events and its performance is sure to attract new business opportunities for all involved.”
Founded in 2010 and based in Sorbolo, Italy, Audioextreme is a fa


I Am Jerusalem makes a Pointe

Friday, 24 February 2017

Israel - I Am Jerusalem is a new multimedia interactive experience designed to welcome visitors to one of the most famous cities in the world, offering a fast-moving history and snapshots explaining how cultural diversity is fundamental to the dynamics and development of life in this vibrant gateway to the Middle East.
Robe Pointes moving lights were specified by the installation division of Danor Theatre & Studio Systems as part of the entertainment lighting scheme in the movie theatre which features 270 degree wrap-around HD video and a video ceiling. The venue is located in the basement of Jerusalem’s central retail environment - Mamilla Boulevard.
During the 25-minute show, the city’s rich and colourful history is unfolded to an intimate audience of 200 complete with pitching and moving seats to ensure a roller coaster ride!
Orphan Group Creative, who delivered the ‘ride’ concept to the city of Jerusalem appointed AVS as the principal AV contractor to provide all the audio lighting and AV technology needed for the theatre. They in turn approached Danor to consult and specify the specialty entertainment lighting required.
Danor Erez Hadar takes up the story, “We looked at the brief and realised a multi-purpose moving light would be a perfect solution to create the wide range of effects and atmospheric elements needed, and w


Nexo’s Geo M10 enters German rental market

Friday, 24 February 2017

Germany - The launch of Nexo’s new Geo M10 sound reinforcement package has been enthusiastically received by audio rental companies in Europe, with Satis & Fy narrowly winning a good-natured race to become the first rental house customer in Germany to stock the new mid-size line array.
Global director of Audio Services Martin Ramrath attended the ISE in Amsterdam to put in Satis & Fy’s order for a Geo M10 system, complete with MSub15 subbass cabinets and a comprehensive inventory of rigging accessories. This was a ‘satisfying’ moment for Ramrath, who has been involved with the M10 project since conception.
“This is a true utility product,” says Ramrath, “the M10 can service so many different events and productions, this will be the workhorse system in any rental inventory. We are particularly pleased by the practical rigging features, such as the fact that there are no loose parts. And the flange fixing system, which makes it so easy to change the horizontal dispersion from 80°to 120°, is very practical design engineering.”
Ramrath anticipates that the high-output system, featuring a 10” driver and an unprecedented ratio of LF response to cabinet size, will “mainly be used for our corporate events, especially suitable where there are after-show parties with a band. With its ability to groundstack, it is great for shows wher


Kenny Rogers tours with all-Chauvet rig

Friday, 24 February 2017

USA - Back in 1991, Jeffrey Metter was board operating the band lighting console for The Grateful Dead when he got a call inviting him to Atlantic City. Country and pop superstar Kenny Rogers needed a lighting director for an upcoming concert. It was supposed to be a weekend gig, but 26 years later the South African- born lighting designer is still with the multi-platinum singer, lighting the final Kenny Rogers tour. Travelling with them as they crisscross the US is a touring package comprised entirely of Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Made up of 14 Rogue R2 Wash and eight Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures, as well as an assortment of 20 COLORado par units, the rig is substantially smaller than the lighting package Metter used when he began his association with Rogers. Still, the rich warm colours and tight focus of the Chauvet Professional fixtures is helping the designer create a deeply engaging atmosphere that connects the legendary artist to the fans who fill the tour’s mid-sized venues.
“Remember, when I started with Kenny, he was huge, with a capital H,” said Metter, who has served as Rogers’ lighting designer and director since that weekend over a quarter of a century ago. “The first rig I designed for Kenny had 196 moving fixtures. Now I rely on 22 moving Rogues. Although the two rigs are very different in size, my goal as a lighting designer is the


Groove on the Grass in Dubai

Friday, 24 February 2017

UAE - Maestra Dubai is supplying full technical production – lighting, audio, video, staging, rigging, special FX and power distribution - to the 2016-17 series of Groove on The Grass dance events.
Now in its fifth edition, the five events for this season are produced by the Artists Network and being staged at the Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, each enjoyed by around 5000 dance music fans.
A sizzling line-up for the last Groove a couple of weeks ago included a host of leading international music makers like Rӧyksopp, Agents of Time, Dewalta, Marc Houle and Steve Bug …among many more who played on two stages, and kept going despite heavy rain at some points.
“We’re excited to be part of the energy and success of this great phenomenon which is known for putting production values high on the agenda,” says Maestra Dubai’s managing partner Tom Clements, adding, “It’s always good to be asked to supply a full technical design and equipment package and efficient to provide just one point-of-contact for the client.”
Maestra’s crew have to be super-quick on both the in and the out for the Groove events - a process that starts a day in advance of the show with the erection of a 20 metre wide ground supported stage and decking system to which lighting, video, PA towers and a complete sound system are added. This is set up below a saddlespan


Power distribution specialist extends rental fleet

Friday, 24 February 2017

UK - Power distribution specialist ide Systems has expanded the fleet of products available through its ide Rental service with the addition of its new mains distribution unit, the MD63. The product is a power distribution unit for temporary electrical installations, such as those in the event industry, and is housed in a high density polyethylene enclosure to ensure resistance to impact and the elements.
The MD63’s polyethylene enclosure is designed to provide consistent performance and safety, with recessed socket and switchgear panels for mechanical protection and ingress protection (IP) rated sockets that protect against dust and splashes of water. Each outlet of the unit also features a red power light, allowing electrical contractors and event staff to easily identify whether an outlet is live.
The MD63 has 15 output sockets to accommodate the large number of electrical applications that are now used at events. These include six 16A three-pin sockets, six 32A three-pin and three 32A five-pin sockets, allowing event staff to power a variety of electrical equipment and installations from one unit.
“In recent years, we have seen the events sector become increasingly reliant on effective electrical infrastructure,” explained Stuart Barnett, rental manager at ide Rental. “Whether it’s because of more elaborate stage setups or the growing numb


Cherry Hills church chooses L-Acoustics

Friday, 24 February 2017

USA - Recently named as the fastest growing church in the United States, Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado found itself in need of an audio system that could adequately keep up with its spectacular growth.
After turning to the team at Franklin, Tennessee-based Mankin Media Systems to design and supply a new system, the Christian church is now enjoying a new house loudspeaker system based on L-Acoustics Kara elements.
“It was one of the more complex projects we’ve ever been involved with,” says Mankin’s Tim Corder “The entire leadership of the church had changed since the last system was installed about eight years ago and the new team really wanted a system worthy of their reputation as a growing, dynamic congregation.”
That was no easy feat. Corder described the room and the previous install as “the most polarizing audio experience I’ve ever had,” he says. “Cherry Hills had reached the point where the leadership felt that their worship experience was being compromised by the quality of the audio, which is a tough place to be for a church that is so outreach-focused, and the stakes were high.
“You know how people will talk about the hardest room they have ever worked in? Well, it’s no exaggeration to say that everyone who came in said some variation of that. The audio quality didn’t just change in


DJ Bobo journeys through time with GLP GT-1

Friday, 24 February 2017

Europe - Swiss artist DJ BoBo is celebrating his 25th anniversary on stage by touring the grand new show, Mystorial.
From April 2017 it will visit Switzerland, Austria and other parts of Europe, including 24 arenas in Germany before heading down to South America.
But it has already received its world premiere during a two-week opener at the vast Europa-Park amusement park in south-west Germany, where a new arena has been built specially to host the production.
Mystorial takes fans on a fascinating journey through time, mixing well-known hits with new songs, supported by a five-piece band, backing singers and 60 dancers.
TV and industrial lighting specialist, Thomas Gerdon of GERDON design, was responsible for the lighting in conjunction with his partner Thomas Dietze, who has worked with the artist for nearly 25 years as his touring LD. Together they chose 65 of GLP’s true hybrid GT-1 fixtures as their workhorse - and they had many reasons for doing so.
Gerdon explained, “We wanted to do something really special and talked at length about fixtures. We wanted something small and light, with high output for keylighting and with the versatility to perform the role of Beam, Wash and Spot. So we opted for the GT-1 knowing the incredible 22:1 zoom ratio [from 3.5° to 58°].”
He was already familiar with the fixture having seen a demo


Andy Mahaffey re-joins AC-ET

Friday, 24 February 2017

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (AC-ET) has announced that Andy Mahaffey has re-joined the company in a key external UK sales role.
Andy brings a wealth of all-round lighting technical knowledge and experience to the position, having worked in customer-facing roles on both the sales and event production sides of the industry.
Most recently he worked at Blitz|GES (formerly known as Blitz Communications) for four years as head of lighting. Whilst in this role, Andy was responsible for building the company's Lighting department, which provides full service production for large-scale corporate and other live events. In addition, he provided lighting design and project management solutions to a wide range of events.
Andy also got first-hand experience utilising products from AC-ET's portfolio of popular and leading lighting brands - including Chroma-Q LED fixtures and Jands lighting & media control systems - and the chance to see how they compare with other technologies on the market.
Prior to this, his roles included working for over a decade in AC-ET's Lighting Technical Sales & Support department, giving him an in-depth technical knowledge of these and many other popular brands available from the company.
Andy commented, “I've been both an employee of AC-ET and one of its many clients working in the busy event productions


Claypaky Mythos and Sharpys light Lady Gaga

Friday, 24 February 2017

USA – Lighting designer Bob Barnhart, who has lent his talents to 19 Super Bowl Halftime Shows, chose Claypaky Mythos and Sharpy fixtures to help illuminate Lady Gaga in her solo turn at Super Bowl LI at Houston’s NRG Stadium.
Lady Gaga began the Halftime Show with a tribute to America singing God Bless America and This Land is Your Land on the roof of the stadium. She performed some dizzying flying effects, crooned a medley of her hits, led high-energy dance routines and closed with a rendition of Bad Romance in an action-packed, 12-minute show.
Barnhart first used Claypaky Mythos fixtures on a Super Bowl Halftime Show two years ago with Katy Perry. This year he employed 56 Mythos on field truss set against the upstage wall below the first row of seats. The lights were positioned on 2.5-foot spacings from the centre of the field out to the 20 yard lines.
“I’ve used Mythos many times since Super Bowl XLIX, including two VMA shows,” says Barnhart. “They’re a useful tool beyond being a great light; their ability to zoom in and out gives me a lot to work with. For Lady Gaga we used Mythos with colors, gobos, zooms – I think we used all of its features in 12 minutes.”
The Mythos fixtures were clearly visible in broadcast coverage of the Halftime Show. They appeared in the background in close ups of Lady Gaga and


Bandit joins Erick Baker Valentine special

Friday, 24 February 2017

USA - It was a night of heart wrenching insight, professions of love and thoughtful musings as singer-songwriter Erick Baker serenaded a sold out crowd at Knoxville’s historic Bijou Theatre with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.
In what could have been right out of a movie, Bandit Lites production manager Allison Burchett found herself bumping into Erick at the world-renowned Blackberry Farm resort, only then he was known as the brother of event planner Jennifer Laraia and husband of Jenn’s business associate Mandy.
“I would always hear Erick happily humming and singing as we set-up,” shared Allison. “So one day I said to him, ‘You should sing for a living!’ I was surprised when he responded with, “Well, actually I do!’ I can only imagine the look on my face, so he said, ‘My name is Erick Baker,’ and before he could say another word, ‘I said, oh my goodness, Erick Baker, I’ve even seen you in concert, I am so embarrassed. You are wonderful! Please let me know if Bandit can ever help you in any way!’”
When Erick reached out to Allison regarding the lighting for his annual Valentine’s performance, he initially requested romantic chandeliers and candles on stage, a detail Allison noted didn’t really connect with his rugged, outdoorsy personality, especially considering Baker also hosts the PBS show Tennessee


Audinate expands online training programme

Thursday, 23 February 2017

USA - Audinate, creator of the Dante audio networking technology, has announced the immediate availability of Level 2 Dante Certification online. This follows the success of the Level 1 online Dante Certification that was launched last year, with more than 5,000 people now certified.
The Dante Certification programme was created in response to overwhelming interest in Dante networking and audio networking best practices. Level 1 certification covered basic principles of audio networking and Dante. Following the release of Level 1, requests for further education led to the development of the Level 2 Certification.
Audinate has made the entire Level 2 course available online for those who are unable to attend live events, but inspired to extend their Dante education. The Level 2 course also includes an interactive simulator for the hands-on skills test.
The Level 2 Certification course is an intermediate to advanced level course that prepares AV personnel to design larger Dante network systems, and provides training on audio networking concepts such as clocking, unicast and multicast, latency, and redundancy. This course contains ten instructional videos, a knowledge test and the simulated skills test. The Level 2 certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete all modules, and pass both tests.
To access the Level 2 Certification course, v


Valère Huart-Gyors, 1979-2017

Thursday, 23 February 2017

France – Leading entertainment lighting manufacturer Ayrton has announced the tragic death of its export manager, Valère Huart-Gyors. The company’s statement said:
“It is with a heavy heart that we report the heart of Valère stopped beating last Sunday. He was 37 years old.
“Valère Huart-Gyors, our collaborator and dear colleague, was responsible for exporting Ayrton throughout the world. Since 2011, from Las Vegas to Sydney, he has spread our values with a rare commitment because Valère was an authentic fan of Ayrton.
“Methodical, organised and precise, he advanced quickly and well, exercising a detailed knowledge of his market. Societies and their politics, people and their past, excited him in addition to his many interests such as history, politics, music . . . Valère was both brilliant and cultivated. His humour, sharp and often caustic, made us laugh. He was also a rascal, and Norman . . .
“It was with the enthusiasm of a young graduate of higher education that he arrived in Paris at the age of 22, first as a salesman at AVLS, then as purchasing manager for La BS, before joining Ayrton to develop international sales. “It’s Ayrton’s second life,” he said humorously when he arrived in 2011, and success, which first struck in the US, spread throughout the globe.
“Now, sadly, Valère will no longer get angry at h


Tommy Stephenson, 1963-2017

Thursday, 23 February 2017

USA - TMB has issued the following tribute to its first employee Tommy Stephenson who sadly passed away this week . . .
“TMB fondly remembers our first employee, Tommy Stephenson, the loudest man in show business.
“After a record breaking stint as PA for Greg Lake (of ELP fame) Tommy joined TMB around 1984 (who kept track in those days?). He transformed the fledgling organization from Two Men in a Bedroom to Three Men and a Dog. Tommy’s primary role then was, and always remained, Confusion Analyst, but his early duties also included cable coiler, driver, shipping/receiving expert, and ace booth builder (specializing in the afternoon shift). Later, in the spare time between his ongoing confusion analysis, he grew to become TMB’s Sales Manager. His heavy focus on confusion was the origin of TMB’s famous Rule Three: “Do Not Believe A Word Tommy Tells You.” In 2013 Tommy sadly retired from TMB for health reasons.
Tommy was infamous for not listening – ever! Known far and wide as “Large and Loud,” his blustery voice carried like a foghorn, irrespective of the environment or situation, or the choice language he was also known for. A demure patron in a London Indian restaurant put it succinctly: “I want to thank you for sharing your entire evening with the entire restaurant. You sir, are an a***hole.” Once, during one of many long fligh


Registration opens Monday for ETC’s Camp CUE

Thursday, 23 February 2017

USA - This summer marks the fourth CUE professional development conference hosted by ETC. This year, the biennial event will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, 21-23 July.
The CUE conference is designed for ETC end-users of all skill levels to gain knowledge that can be used in their careers. It also gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the technology they’ll use when they enter the workforce.
This year’s theme reflects back to a time when many youngsters were shipped off for a week or two to summer camp. The Camp CUE programme features high-quality keynote speakers, three days of classes, and networking opportunities with industry peers and the ETC professionals behind the company’s award-winning products.
Classes include day-long tracks geared toward console programmers, lighting designers, educators, and technicians. For participants interested in a more diverse learning experience, there will be a selection of supplementary elective classes, covering a variety of topics, taking place on Saturday night and all-day Sunday. Additionally, ETC will host several exciting events and factory tours.
Registration for the conference will open on Monday, 27 February, with a special early-bird discount offered at launch. ETC will also offer several sponsorships – open to applicants from anywhere in the world – to help offse


Elation helps energise Anaheim nightlife

Thursday, 23 February 2017

USA - December saw the opening of Rumba Room Live, an upscale Latin-themed nightclub and concert venue in Anaheim, California. Located at the Anaheim GardenWalk and built new from the ground up, the club, which features state-of-the-art Elation entertainment lighting and video systems, has energised the nightclub scene in Anaheim. The 10,000sq.ft venue has the flexibility to host 1,000 people and hold a variety of events yet maintains a chic, intimate feel.
Working with the club’s architect and ownership to develop the design and look of the venue was Michael Betancourt, general manager at Southern California-based Props AV, the production company that designed, supplied and installed the Elation lighting and video package. “When the Rumba Room Live project first came to the table the feel that they wanted to go for was a Latin-themed nightclub and live venue with a sexy Las Vegas feel,” Betancourt says.
“It was a completely new idea for Anaheim. With that being said, the sexiness and the party needed to start on the exterior. Elation lighting features throughout the inside of the venue - lobby, dance floor and stage – but it is outside where the lighting makes its first impression.”
Downlighting the Rumba Room Live facade in a wash of customizable shades are 12 Elation SixPar 200IP colour changers, weatherproof fixtures with six-colour LED


QU-SB installed in multi-purpose Napier venue

Thursday, 23 February 2017

New Zealand - Allen & Heath’s new QU-SB ultra-compact intelligent mixer has been installed in the multi-purpose Returned Service Association (RSA) venue in Napier, New Zealand.
The venue, founded to provide a variety of sporting and social activities for army veterans and their families, was in need of an audio refurbishment and a more sophisticated zone controller to manage five zones. The venue offers activities from keep fit and bowls to gaming and live music entertainment.
“There are five designated zones in the venue: Main Lounge, TAB restaurant, Library, Smokers Deck, and Casino. There are a wealth of events going on, often simultaneously. For example, on a Wednesday they have a trivia night and want a laptop and microphone in the main lounge, radio on the deck and casino, and muted zones in the TAB and library,” explains Kieran McKinlay from installer, Dusk2Dawn.
McKinlay stereo-paired and linked all the venue’s audio inputs, which consisted of a bluetooth audio interface, a rack mounted AM/FM tuner, SKY Sport, a Laptop Interface, and a UHF Radio. All these channels were processed and setup within the Qu-Pad App. As the venue runs a few different settings within the zones, some presets were saved as scenes and recalled by patching them as soft keys.
“Once the system was set up, I deleted the software off their iPad and assigne


Justin Bieber back on the road with Mavericks

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mexico - Justin Bieber kicked off year two of his comeback tour with a sold-out concert at Monterrey, Mexico’s Estadio BBVA Bancomer arena. Accenting the star’s performance and lending an aura of timelessness to the evening was a powerful and evocative Corey FitzGerald lightshow that featured 88 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures, supplied by Serpro Producciones of Monterrey.
“We were very honoured to have provided lights for this concert,” said Renato Betancourt, CEO of Serpro Producciones. “Recently, we made an investment in the Maverick MK2 Wash because we wanted a fixture that could deliver the output and colours that would be needed for major productions – and at the same time would be flexible enough to work well for a range of musical styles.”
With 12 40W Osram RGBW LEDs, the Maverick MK2 Wash met Betancourt’s criteria for output and colour rendering, while its 7-49° zoom range provided the flexibility to cover widely different areas on a stage. All these features came into play at the Bieber concert, where the Maverick MK2 Wash was the principal fixture on the main stage truss, with added units also being arranged on the stage deck.
The Mavericks were used for backwashing performers, general stage washing and aerial washing at the Bieber concert. “It was exciting to see how the Mavericks performed,” said Edi Sos


Christie Pandoras Box at Meraas City Walk

Thursday, 23 February 2017

UAE - Christie Pandoras Box is synchronizing more than 100m pixels of Float4 content at Meraas City Walk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. City Walk was conceived as a destination par-excellence for both locals and tourists complete with upscale shopping, dining and living with a park-like ambience by Meraas, a Dubai-based holding company with extensive assets in real estate, retail, hospitality and entertainment.
Meraas approached Float4, an award-winning studio that designs and produces site-specific interactive multimedia installations, to create a digital feature for City Walk. The scope grew to encompass an outdoor digital experience that includes more than 30 LED installations, nearly 30 projectors, and a water fountain show that uses water screens. In total, there are over 100m pixels that cover a space the size of 12 football fields.
“Meraas wanted to differentiate themselves,” says Alexandre Simionescu, co-founder of Float4. “One of the things they wanted to do was create a location that was pedestrian-friendly. It’s not something that you find in Dubai, so they’re very innovative. They like to question things beyond ‘can we do it bigger’ and ask ‘can we do it better?’“
Float4 worked with XYZ Cultural Technology, a long-time Christie partner, to design a system powerful enough to synchronize and control all 100 million pixels


PRG XL Video moves to larger London location

Thursday, 23 February 2017

UK - PRG XL Video, the UK operation of Production Resource Group (PRG), has moved to a new, larger, London location. Continuing its strategy for growth, the company has relocated within Central London.
The office, in the very heart of London’s theatreland, houses sales and support teams from four major market sectors – concert touring, theatre, television and film, and corporate and events. The location at 77 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden includes space for PRG XL permanent staff, hot desking space for clients and creatives to visit, and multiple meeting rooms, which are not only used by PRG XL’s own teams, but are utilised by industry organisations for their regular board meetings.
PRG XL Video’s director of human resources, Alistair Todd comments: “The space has been designed not only to house our growing team, but also as a hub of creativity for clients and visitors. “We aimed to create a modern, pleasant working environment. The location has lots of natural light, which creates a bright, open space which our team will enjoy working in.”
PRG president and Chief Operating Officer, Stephan Paridaen continues: “As our UK business continues to grow, we have invested in a larger London location. This has given us the opportunity to locate sales, production, event services, crewing services and support teams all together, promoting an a


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