5 Star Cases at ABTT 2008

Wednesday, 4 June 2008
5 Star Cases at ABTT 2008
UK - 5 Star Cases will be exhibiting its usual varied range of products at the show. On display will be the Static Rack and Rack in a Box systems which have recently undergone a facelift by additional strengthening by means of external braces. These braces are now a visual feature of all plywood inner sleeves and offer not only added durability but an enhanced appearance.

5 Star will also be showing the popular Eurotrucker general purpose road trunk which itself has undergone a make-over.

Laptop computers feature extensively in the entertainment industry and with this in mind, the new Laptop Cases will also be shown. Available in two distinctly different versions, these carry cases offer "the ultimate in protection and transportability for today's high-tech equipment". A selection of other specialist and standard cases as well as foam inserts will also be displayed.

(Jim Evans)

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