A new Dynasty in DJ effects

Thursday, 8 March 2007
A new Dynasty in DJ effects
USA - American DJ has introduced two new compact high-performance scanners that "will goose up your gig, whether you are a DJ who uses DMX or not". The Dynasty Ray and Dynasty Scan DMX are both 150W fixtures that, the company says, rival much larger and more expensive 250W scanners in output because of their superior optics.

The Dynasty Scan offers DMX compatibility for fast and accurate user control on the fly. The Dynasty Ray is a sound-active plug-and-play unit that "grooves on its own to built-in programmes".

"We came out with two models of our new Dynasty series scanner - one for DMX users, and one for entertainers who prefer the ease of plug-and-play effects," said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. "We wanted to make this new high-tech, optically superior scanner accessible to all types of users."

As the Dynasty Ray and Dynasty Scan DMX both offer a brighter output than the typical 150-watt fixture, they can be used in situations that would normally require a 250-watter, allowing users to save on energy costs. Both models also feature a high-tech compact design and are "extremely portable", making them ideal for mobile DJs on the go.

The Dynasty Ray features a a mirror that produces eight separate sharp beams and creates nine colour/gobo combinations. The sound-active fixture can run its own internal programmes all night thanks to a high-velocity fan. Other features of the Dynasty Ray include fast X/Y mirror movement and a full-focusing lens.

With the intelligent Dynasty Scan DMX, DJs can apply different colours to different gobos, because they are on separate DMX channels. The 6-channel fixture offers nine gobos plus spot and eleven colours plus white for a variety of creative overlay options.

(Jim Evans)

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