ABTT 2012 Theatre Show Awards

Monday, 18 June 2012
ABTT 2012 Theatre Show AwardsABTT Fellow Richard Pilbrow presents Fred Foster, CEO of ETC, with his award.
UK - The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) 2012 Theatre Show Awards, sponsored by two of the organisation's Silver Industry Supporters Group members, Stage Electrics & Triple E, took place following close of show on Wednesday (13 June).

With judging taking place throughout the day and final decisions made late in the afternoon, winners were presented with their hook-clamp trophies in the Truman Brewery's Corbet Place Bar, in front of exhibitors, guests and ABTT members. The winners are as follows:

ABTT 2012 Theatre Show Engineering Product of the Year: Metool Reels - Multicore Contactless Reeler.

Judges' comments: "We are pleased to find a method of feeding multicores on a drum that does not use slip rings. The panel was impressed by the tool-less cable installation and ability to run Ethernet on a cable reeler."

Eric Marks-Oldham, sales director at Metool Reels, replied: "It's obvious we've offered the perfect solution to a reeling problem to the right audience. Thank you ABTT."

Sound Product of the Year: d&b Audiotechnik - V Series Speakers.

Judges' comments: "The award goes to a speaker system that uses four separate drivers in a single box without electronics. The judges recognise that no time-alignment is required in the Digital Signal Processing chain. Back-to-basics with a single amplifier system."

Phill Coe, market manager for d&b audiotechnik UK, replied: "It's a great honour to receive the award for Sound Product of the Year. Coming to ABTT is always a pleasure for d&b; unlike other exhibitions, contributing to this vibrant community can be quite intoxicating. Winning this award makes the visit even sweeter."

Lighting Product of the Year: ETC - Source 4 LED Lustr+.

Judges' comments: "Awarded this year to an LED profile with good light output, flat beam, crisp imaging and the ability to change colour. The panel recognises that LED profiles have undergone a step change and this product is a good example of that."

Fred Foster, CEO of ETC, replied: "ETC is proud to have our new Source Four LED recognised as the ABTT 2012 Lighting Product of the Year. This new member of the Source Four family combines sustainability with the qualities that lighting designers demand."

Widget of the Year: Bristol Paints - Aqua-Service Portable Wash-up & Recycling Water Unit.

Judges' comments: "This award is to a genuine theatrical product that requires no plumbing, is robust and moveable and comes straight off the back of a lorry, to be put to work immediately. If we had an award for the sustainable product of the year, this would win that category too. The product recycles water by means of a flocculation process and provides separate areas for washing paint from brushes and rollers. It is also the largest 'widget' to receive an ABTT Award."

Mark Chapman, managing director, Bristol Paints, replied: "Having already established itself as an essential product in the scenic market, we have been delighted with the enthusiastic reaction we have received from our first ABTT product showing. Bristol Aqua Service looks forward to helping future customers meet their sustainability needs and requirements."

Stand of the Year: Point Source Productions

Judges' comments: "This year's award goes to a company whose stand looked like a well-organised hire shop or that of an unbelievably neat theatre electrician's storeroom. The judges were most impressed by the layout, which made full use of the space available and felt they could walk up and say, 'I'll have two of that, three of those and six of them'."

Stephen Capel, managing director of Point Source Productions, replied: "Winning Stand of the Year means a lot to us as the team worked really hard to put it together. Led by our newly appointed general manager, Amy Parks, who took on the entire project when I was called away for the birth of my twins, a few days before the show."

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