AC-ET Jands Vista masterclass at Backstage

Friday, 11 May 2012
AC-ET Jands Vista masterclass at BackstageAC-ET's Andy Mahaffey conducted the training at the LS-Live Studios in Wakefield
UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) provided two one-day Jands Vista v2 'masterclass' seminars to students taking the Lighting Module of Backstage Academy's Foundation Degree in Live Events Production.

The 16-month fast-track intensive course, led by chief operations officer Robin Watkinson, provides students with the core practical skills needed to pursue a successful career in the professional events production industry. The invitation to participate underlined the fast growing popularity of the Jands Vista system in live events.

AC-ET's Andy Mahaffey conducted the training at the LS-Live Studios in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. A range of different sized consoles from the Vista family allowed the two separate groups of students to have full hands-on training and see how flexible and accessible the system is.

The masterclasses gave students an introduction to the Vista's simple, consistent and powerful control of lighting fixtures, LED and media. Impressing them most were its ease of use and the intuitive nature of creating very accurate and detailed sequences.

Mahaffey commented, "Watching how easily a group of people with a wide range of experience and backgrounds picked up the Vista v2 software was both rewarding and reinforces just how good the Vista v2 software now is."

Robin Watkinson added, "The Jands Vista Masterclass is an important component of the Lighting Module and the practical training that students receive following the theory of light and the application of lighting design and programming. We are very privileged to have gained AC-ET's support."

(Jim Evans)

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