Adamson completes Kwang Mying Installation

Friday, 29 June 2012
Adamson completes Kwang Mying InstallationThe Kwang Mying Church's new complex features five floors with the main sanctuary seating 5500 worshippers
South Korea - Eidim Audio Visual with headquarters in Buena Park, California, offices in major cities around the US, and a division in Seoul, has finished a major installation project at a newly built church in Seoul. The Kwang Mying Church's new complex features five floors with the main sanctuary seating 5500 worshippers in the basement level, and three worship halls, lobby and a dining room on the main three floors, and a small chapel on the fourth. The main sanctuary is used for traditional worship service with sermon, praise with full band and a choir, and various styles of high SPL live concerts; it also doubles up as a multi-purpose non-worship performance centre.

Eidim was contracted by Kwang Mying to design and source all audio, lighting and large format display needs. Eidim was familiar with Adamson systems via a demo held in California a few years ago in which Adamson supported a show, held in one of Eidim's then up-coming projects. The system was later installed in to the sanctuary in question.

Based on the initial experience Eidim specked Adamson speakers for Kwang Mying, and they were installed in the main sanctuary along with a Digico D5 desk, and new Shure UHf-R and Sennheiser UHF5000 series microphones. Power and processing needs were covered by Lab.Gruppen and Dolby Lake respectively.

The church was looking for a 100dB consistent SPL throughout the sanctuary for everyday use, and ended up with a scalable, even distribution of 110db+ for events wanting more volume. The main system features an all Adamson lineup with six Y10 enclosures, four SpekTrix 5 degree enclosures as under-hang, and with two flown T21 Subs per side. Four SpekTrix enclosures are used as a centre-fill due to the room's extensive width and 10 x CB1 cabinets as under balcony-fills and delays. On the stage they placed 10 10MX monitors.

Eidim offers sound design, installation, integration and maintenance support for projects such as HOW's, Government, the Military, and Educational facilities. The system was sold through Adamson's exclusive Korean distributor Sound Solution.

(Jim Evans)

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