Adlib chills out once again

Monday, 15 August 2011
Adlib chills out once againThe Big Chill is held in the picturesque grounds of Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Hertfordshire
UK - For this year's Big Chill festival, Adlib designed sound systems for two stages - Revellers' and The People's Ear.

Otto Kroymann led the Adlib team of seven - Mike Flaherty, George Puttock, Tommy Bradshaw & himself, who looked after the Revellers', while Simon Lawson, Alan Harrison and Chris Smethurst took care of things on The People's Ear.

The sound system on the Revellers' stage was JBL VerTec, suitable for an eclectic line up ranging from Club Zirconia to Kormac's Big Band and NZ Shapeshifter to Annie Nightingale.

The flown arrays each contained 10 VT4889 speakers a-side, run in combination with six VT 4880A subs a-side on the ground, Coda LA8 in-fills.

The main system was driven by Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers, with Labgruppen PLM20000s for the subs and fills.

They used the opportunity to further test a fibre optic Dante network, which took the signal from the FOH via Lake LM44s at both ends to the onstage Dolby Lake LM26 processors. From there it was digitally distributed to the amps, which worked like a dream.

Onstage, Adlib supplied a Yamaha PM5D console, together with d&b M2 wedges driven by their own D12 amps for monitors. Side-fills were L-Acoustics ARCS & SB28 subs.

Alan Harrison oversaw the People's Ear stage for Adlib. For the line-up of creative reggae, dub artists and DJs, the system design was a Nexo Alpha set-up - with M3 tops, B1 bass and S2 subs - and DigiDesign SC48 digital consoles at both FOH & monitors.

Adlib's low profile MP3 wedges were used for monitors, supplied together with a 15 inch drum -fill, a Sennheiser G2 wireless radio mic system, a proliferation of wired mics and a full DJ set up.

Concludes Adlib director Dave Jones, "We pride ourselves on the relationships with our festival partners, and working together with Festival Republic's Nick Davies & Andy Head we co-ordinate all the efforts to ensure that we provide the best service possible, whilst retaining our sense of humour and delivering to their specifications each time."

(Jim Evans)

(photo: Big Chill archives)

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