Adlib equips six Glastonbury stages

Thursday, 17 July 2008
Adlib equips six Glastonbury stagesAdlib's Richie Nicholson (L) and James Coates in the Circus Tent
UK - Adlib Audio supplied sound to six stages at Glastonbury and fielded a crew of 20, chiefed by Hassane Al Essiahi. The project was co-ordinated by Dave Jones back at HQ in Liverpool.

Dave Jones comments: "The Circus and Cabaret fields at Glastonbury are now part of our heritage as we have supplied sound systems since 1994. This year was especially poignant to us as a mark of respect in memory of Bella Churchill, a significant and very sad loss to the festival. We will always look forward to being associated with the Glastonbury Festival Circus and Cabaret fields. To us these stages epitomise what this festival is all about."

In the Cabaret Tent, Adlib set up a Nexo Alpha system, tech'd by Nick Bellis, Steve Pattison, George Puttock and Kenny Kristiansen, complete with a Soundcraft Series 4 at FOH and a Soundcraft MH3 console for monitors. Onstage they also supplied 10 Adlib MP3 wedges and an 8-way send rack.

Richie Nicholson, James Coates, Neil Holloway and Tom Cunningham were the crew in the Circus Tent, running a 6K Adlib FD rig, with AA61 wedges hung at the back of the tent on a small raked seating stand to cover the higher sections of this. The FOH console was a 48-channel Yamaha PM5D-RH. A 24 channel Soundcraft Delta was utilised for the monitor mix along with 6 ADLIB AA121 wedges.

For the Astrolabe Stage there was an FD system with a Yamaha LS9-32 digital console at FOH that was also used for monitors, along with 6 AA121 compact wedges. It was looked after by John Fitzsimmons, Otto Kroymann and Laura Davis.

The Blazing Saddle Stage featured another FD system, with eight FD2 high packs a side and four DF415 subs, with a Yamaha LS9-32 console out front, a 24-channel Soundcraft GB4 for monitors plus eight AA121 wedges. This was overseen by Chris Sudall, Michael Flaherty and Hannibal Chaabouni.

A small 3K FD system, Allen & Heath Mix Wizard and AA121 wedges were deployed for the Outdoor Circus Stage, crewed by Jay Smith and Jay Petch.

Adlibalso had a mobile system on site - a small Yamaha EMX 500 powered mixer with two speakers on stands, which flitted around constantly to different areas providing sound reinforcement to various events as and when they happened. It was minded by Dave Cowell and Chris Wall.

Jennifer Wait was in charge of all Adlib's radio mics - 12 Shure lavalier, four Shure Beta hand-held and six Beyer headset systems, all licensed through JFMG.

(Jim Evans)

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