Allen & Heath & TM Audio provide Sound Support

Wednesday, 22 October 2003
Allen & Heath & TM Audio provide Sound Support
The Netherlands - Leading Dutch rental agency, Sound Support, currently touring with one of Holland's top acts, 'Van Dik Hout', has recently made a considerable purchase to boost its Allen & Heath stock. In addition to its existing stock, which includes ML5000, GL4000, GL3300 and MixWizard consoles - Allen & Heath's Dutch distributor, TM Audio, has supplied the company with an ML5000, two ML4000s, a GL3300 and a MixWizard.

Sound Support's Jack van den Berg said: "The diversity of our clients and productions generates complex technical demands, which require flexibility and quality in the equipment we provide. Allen & Heath's GL and ML series have been acclaimed all over the world as great sounding, high quality consoles.''

(Lee Baldock)

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