Artistic Licence launches new Art-Net range

Friday, 23 January 2009
Artistic Licence launches new Art-Net range
UK - 2008 saw Artistic Licence celebrate its 20th Anniversary. It also marked 10 years since the advent of Art-Net, the communication system which allows large amounts of DMX512 data, and multiple DMX universes, to be transmitted over an Ethernet network. Art-Net was originally launched, royalty-free, into the public domain and has since become the industry standard in control protocols.

Technology has continued to developed and advance during these years and, with it, so has Artistic Licence's product range.

"The popularity of Artistic Licence's control solutions is, in part, due to our philosophy of creating products which are demanded by the market and which can be updated as technology develops," says the company.

In line with this, Artistic Licence has recently undertaken a complete redesign of its popular Art-Net products to bring them up-to-date and make them even more efficient at handling the universe hungry technology of today's fixtures. Due to the extension of the Art-Net protocol, it is now possible to transmit in excess of 120 universes - well over 61,000 channels - on a single network.

"Our intention with these latest developments is to ensure Artistic Licence continues to offer its customers the most comprehensive range of Art-Net products available, using the latest technology to provide a complete, future-proof, data distribution system," the company adds.

(Claire Beeson)

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