Aviom AllFrame system now shipping

Friday, 30 September 2011
Aviom AllFrame system now shippingThe AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System eliminates labour-intensive stages of the signal chain
USA - Aviom has announced that the AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System is now shipping. With a design based on comprehensive research, including customer input, the new AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System is suitable for multiple applications, bringing the flexibility of the company's powerful Pro64 audio network to the wall box, stage box or floor pocket, says the company.

"We couldn't be more pleased to announce the availability of the AllFrame for purchase," says Carl Bader, president and CEO, Aviom. "Having just celebrated our 10th year in the industry, we look forward to continuing to offer streamlined solutions for our customers and that includes the AllFrame. The system was designed with customer research in mind to help make digital more affordable and flexible, keeping analogue cabling to a minimum and reducing system complexity and labour costs."

The AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System eliminates several expensive and labour-intensive stages of the signal chain while reducing cable clutter - making it suitable for permanent installations such as houses of worship, theatres, schools and conference centres, as well as touring and portable live sound applications.

Each device supports Cat 5e cable runs up to 400ft (120m) between devices, with no loss of fidelity. Since it requires only a single Cat 5e or fibre connection, it eliminates the need for soldering, terminating and testing scores of analogue connections as well as installing conduits and pulling separate cables for each audio signal, significantly reducing setup time.

"Our customers will appreciate the fact that the AllFrame can be used in conjunction with the complete line of Pro64 audio networking products and Pro16 Series Personal Mixers," adds Bader. "Because Pro64 supports any combination of serial and parallel wiring topologies without affecting signal flow at any point, I/O points can be placed anywhere the application requires."

(Jim Evans)

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