Bandit busy in UK with major events

Friday, 12 November 2010
Bandit busy in UK with major eventsThe Horse of the Year Show now at the Birmingham NEC Arena
UK - Bandit UK CE Lester Cobrin and the team in Bedford have had their hands full with some major events of late. The 2010 Horse of the Year Show, The 2010 Alternative Hair Show and UFC 120 were all on the schedule.

The Horse of the Year Show is Europe's largest annual celebration of equine events. It has been an annual event since 1949 and in 2002 it moved to the NEC Arena, Birmingham.

Nadia Raibin of The Production Team engaged lighting designer Ben Fox and Bandit to supply this event. The assorted kit chosen by Fox included hundreds of 1K flood fixtures, four light units, MAC 2000 Profiles, MAC 2000 Washes, VL 3000 Spots, Source 4 lekos, Pixel PAR's, Avolites dimming and Whole Hog 2 consoles. The primary console operator was Mark Strange, while crew chief Peter Parchment along with staff Steve "Ruslig, Mez Storrod, Benet Parchment and Vic Stuart kept watch over the event.

The Alternative Hair Show is an annual event in London at the Freemasons Hall, which celebrates the latest in coiffeur style. Production manager Alan Pope and lighting designer Simon Tutchener called on Bandit to supply illumination services for the event. Using the standard Source 4 lekos, a few PARs and some 4 lights, Tutchener created texture, depth and colour with MAC 500's, MAC 600's, MAC 2000 Profiles and Washes, UV Guns and Lycian 1271 Starklites. Ewan Cameron ran the event on Grand MA consoles. Lighting crew chief was Mike Humeniuk and his team included Nigel Julian, Dan Oswald, James Prince and Bryan Wilson.

Bandit also continues in a long relationship with the global phenomenon UFC. London's O2 Arena played home to UFC 120. Randy Quick from Concom, Inc. worked with Cobrin, Bandit and lighting designer Jason Eible to produce the massive look UFC demands. Crew chief John Wynne and techs Dom Martin, Jonathan Dawson-Butterworth, Phil Kerwick, Steve Kerwick and Ian Day all pulled the show together in the O2. The kit list included piles of truss and cable, 6 lamp bars, Source 4 lekos, Source 4 PARs, MAC 600's, MAC 2000 Profiles and Washes, Coemar Infinity Washes, Pixel Par 90s and Martin Atomic Strobes, all controlled on 2 Avolites Pearl Experts.

(Jim Evans)

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