Blackmotion rebrands with Robe

Monday, 8 October 2012
Blackmotion rebrands with RobeKagiso ‘Daystar' Moima, owner of Blackmotion
South Africa - Johannesburg rental company, Blackmotion, is rebranding itself to become a full lighting service and audio visual company focusing on stage, concerts, architectural and system integration.

Over the last few months they have purchased 16 Robin 600 fixtures comprising of four Robin 600 Washes, four Robin 600 Spots, four Robin 600 LEDs and four Robin 600 Beams.

"The purchasing of new sound equipment has been put on hold while we focus all our energy and resources on lighting and audio visual," commented Kagiso 'Daystar' Moima, owner of Blackmotion. "Over the years we split our resources way to thin and growth was limited. Now we will head towards modular screens and mapping integrated with lighting."

Blackmotion provides all the necessary services from visual rendering to lighting design. While the company has sound in their warehouse, their lighting has been the most popular stream of revenue and they regularly work on televised studio productions, concerts and live events, night clubs and are even wedding receptions.

"We will also use the services of freelancers to move towards building healthy relationships with lighting experts in the country," ended Moima.

(Jim Evans)

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