Bochum theatre installs grandMA2

Tuesday, 1 February 2011
Bochum theatre installs grandMA2The Schauspielhaus Bochum is one of Germany's biggest and best known theatres (Photo: Thomas Aurin)
Germany - The Schauspielhaus Bochum (Playhouse Bochum) is one of Germany's biggest and best known theatres. Built in 1908 as a variety theatre, it became the town theatre in 1915 and was the biggest stage in the Ruhrgebiet. During an air raid in 1944 it was nearly completely destroyed, and then rebuilt based on the design of architect Gerhard Moritz Graubner in an operation lasting until 1953.

Since then the theatre has been modernised at various times, and was recently equipped with a grandMA2 system for lighting control, consisting of three grandMA2 full-sizes, two grandMA2 lights, three MA VPUs (Video Processing Unit), 40 MA NDPs (Network Dimmer Processor) and 25 dimMA Digital Dimmers.

Andreas Bartsch and Bernd Felder, joint heads of lighting at the Playhouse comment, "We have been working with two grandMA2 consoles and three MA VPU or more on both stages of our theatre since the summer of 2010. The main reason for choosing grandMA2 is the fact that the consoles are future-proof and can be easily updated to deal with all upcoming developments in the lighting world.

"Also video can be integrated as easily as any other parameter. During programming it is possible to work on the show with multiple programmers in the multi-user-session, and afterwards the show can be run by one person."

The Playhouse Bochum has an audience capacity of 811 and the associated smaller theatre has 410 seats. The installation of the grandMA2 system including all the dimMA Digital Dimmers was realised by LSS Licht, Steuer und Schaltanlagenbau.

(Jim Evans)

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