Brit Row adds MH3s to hire stock

Wednesday, 5 January 2005
Brit Row adds MH3s to hire stockRazorlight's sound engineer, Phil McDaniel, uses one of the MH3s on at Wembley Arena, on the band's pre-Christmas tour with the Manic Street Preachers.
UK - When it was time to upgrade the mid-sized mixing consoles in their hire fleet, Britannia Row Productions has opted again for Soundcraft. With their brace of SM12s reaching retirement age, the recent PLASA Show gave technical head, Jerry Wing and his team, an opportunity to assess the market - and on the stand of Harman Pro, they confirmed an order for a pair of 32-channel MH3s with Soundcraft's James Baker and LMC Audio London.

"There are a fair number of desks on the market that fell into the medium-size bracket - but few could match the number of features offered by the MH3," said Wing. "Also, we needed to opt for a desk that we knew was going to be requested by engineers. The MH3 represents a good package, offering value-for-money."

That value is contained in a desk that is ideally suited for both front-of-house and monitor use - offering complete console flexibility and 'one-touch' operation to place either Groups or Aux Masters onto faders. The characteristic Soundcraft sound quality is delivered via a new high-headroom mic amp, classic British EQ and rigorous circuit design.

Jerry Wing, who sees a ready market as a stand-alone desk in BRP's growing roster of corporate work - as well as in combination with larger analogue desks on tour - also remarked on the styling of the desk. "A number of people have commented on how attractive it looks," he added.

(Lee Baldock)

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