Cadac CDC Four consoles in production

Monday, 24 September 2012
Cadac CDC Four consoles in productionCadac international sales manager Ben Millson and CUK Live applications manager Iain Cameron
UK - The Cadac CDC Four is rolling off of the production line. Now in full production and shipping to Cadac distributors around the world, the CDC Four is a compact digital console that features 16 genuine Cadac analogue mic pre amps with gain control, fully emulated Cadac EQ, and an expandable input count of up to 64 inputs with a dedicated stage rack.

Commenting on the arrival to market of the CDC Four, Cadac marketing manager Patrick Almond states, "We have kept pretty quiet until now about just how good the CDC Four actually is. But with the final production version successfully rolling off of the line in numbers, we can state categorically that this is an amazing sounding - truly Cadac sounding - desk. As our first digital production console, and a ground breaking, proprietary compact design, the success of this product development is a major milestone for Cadac.

"The CDC Four gives an exciting new high performance offering across the widest range of pro audio and AV applications and installation environments. While the wide ranging specification includes a number of features and functions, the relevance of which that might not seem readily apparent to a traditional mix engineer, these ensure the console's effectiveness in other AV orientated sound design and installation applications."

In the UK, distributor CUK Live has already taken delivery of its first CDC Fours. Applications manager Iain Cameron says, "As a standalone digital console the CDC Four delivers Cadac quality and performance at a previously unheard of price point. However, the real strength of the CDC Four comes to light when you use it as a system, packaged with the stage rack.

(Jim Evans)

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