Calvary Chapel installs Wybron's Cygnus LEDs

Friday, 24 August 2012

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USA - Calvary Chapel, a non-denominational church in Broomfield, CO., offers contemporary style worship and music every Sunday for their devoted congregation. Pastor Richie Furay, a past member of the nationally recognised bands - Poco and Buffalo Springfield, has made music a big part of the church's ministry, with a modern professional band performing exceptional music to enhance the worship experience. Until recently, the sanctuary stage lighting was not all it might be.

With one bar of four 100 Watt and two 75 Watt incandescent can lights to illuminate the stage, it was time to update the lighting and renew the atmosphere to harmonize with the excitement, which was happening on stage every Sunday. The decision was made to install 12 Cygnus 100 Watt LED Colour Wash luminaires, completely replacing the outdated incandescent system. The Cygnus fixtures were hung to light the stage and pulpit from above and as side-lighting.

Pastor Furay shared that the updated lighting design has made a dramatic difference by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere much more in line with the church's contemporary style of worship. The Cygnus LED lighting has also greatly improved the experience for Furay and the band members - "The old lighting was distracting and very hot, leaving people on stage for any length of time covered in perspiration. With the Cygnus lighting, the stage is now cool, calming, comfortable and impactful," says Furay. He went on to say he feels very blessed and humbled to have such brilliant, high-quality stage lighting.

(Jim Evans)

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