Campbelltown RSL installs Jbn Sound Ceiling

Tuesday, 8 February 2011
Campbelltown RSL installs Jbn Sound CeilingThe recently refurbished Campbelltown RSL
Australia - Campbelltown RSL recently amalgamated with Cabra-Vale Ex-Active Servicemen's Club and as a result a number of refurbishment programs were undertaken. Particular attention was paid to creating a much friendlier atmosphere for members, guests and visitors by opening up the very large lounge area so that much of the club's facilities could be seen from different vantage points. However this goal presented a major problem - how do you stage a variety of entertainment in one area of this vastness whilst simultaneously running other functions?

The closeness of the bar, restaurant and poker machine area meant that with a traditional audio set up, problems would be encountered relating to loud music and its exposure to patrons and staff.

The Club's general manager Tony Jackson contacted Jbn Sound Solutions . "Jbn assured us that the noise levels at the bar, restaurant and gaming area would be significantly less than those experienced on the dance floor/ karaoke area and that patrons could talk in those areas without shouting to each other," said Jackson.

Consequently a Jbn Sound Ceiling consisting 88 LAB2 tiles (792 speakers) was installed directly above the dance floor to provide the high sound pressure levels. A surround speaker system consisting of ceiling speakers and ceiling subs was installed to provide low level sound for patrons seated outside the Sound Ceiling.

"When commissioning was complete the results/measurements of the noise levels at the bar, which is the closest facility to the dance floor, were far better than those proposed by the Jbn sound engineers," said Jackson. "Our multifunctional entertainment area is now in full swing and we are very happy with the quality of sound and sound levels in each area of the venue."

(Jim Evans)

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