CAST BlackTrax virtual band demo at LDI

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
CAST BlackTrax virtual band demo at LDIBlackTrax allows every visitor to the CAST demo room the exact same experience
USA - At LDI 2012, CAST will feature a cutting edge demo of the multi-award-winning BlackTrax V1.

BlackTrax V1 has been the big buzz this year, first winning a prestigious Game Changer Award at NAB 2012, and then nabbing the only Gold Innovation Award at PLASA 2012. CAST has prepared "a groundbreaking demonstration of this revolutionary technology just for LDI".

Using BlackTrax as the foundation, the Experience Design Company Moodbox from Switzerland and CAST Software's own Jim Hutchison have created a mixed media Rig giving intuitive control over every aspect of a cutting edge show.

Using the Coolux Widget Designer Software, a tool to network different data input streams, the position data is sent to a Coolux media server which generates particles in real-time; Imagine a scene from the movie Tron - wherever a person with a BTBeacon moves, a colored trail of particles is projected onto the floor behind them. BlackTrax allows every visitor to the CAST demo room the exact same experience - the ability to be tracked in 3D space and actually interact with the digital presence that is lighting, audio, video, and interactivity media.

To create a true immersive experience, BlackTrax connects to a grandMA2 lighting desk, giving every light in the rig the possibility to track any beacon on stage. And all of this technology is available to the user with only a few clicks or taps on a touch screen.

To show the ease and effect of this technology, visitors to the show room will be able to move around a stage wearing a Beacon corresponding to an instrument. As you move around the demo area, the sound will follow you, giving you and your audience a truly complete immersive experience only possible with the BlackTrax technology.

While the BlackTrax demo will be ongoing in the Demo room, CAST will also have a display at booth 1002 showing their other new products such as wysiwyg R29, Vivien 2012 and the new Vivien Online.

(Jim Evans)

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