Clear-Com launches new CC-300 and CC-400 headsets

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Clear-Com launches new CC-300 and CC-400 headsetsThe new CC-300 and CC-400 headsets from Clear-Com.
USA - Clear-Com has introduced the latest additions to its line of professional headsets, the CC-300 and CC-400, which offer "extra comfort, better performance and more flexibility for users who employ intercoms for long hours". These new systems are compatible with Clear-Com's wide range of wired and wireless intercoms.

The new Clear-Com CC-300 single-ear headset and CC-400 double-ear headset were designed to reduce fatigue and accommodate individual preferences by offering a clear and comfortable audio experience, the company says.

The CC-300 and CC-400 headsets' microphone booms can be rotated 300 degrees, allowing the microphone to be worn on the right or left side of the head. Users can also make the headsets larger or smaller by manipulating the slide adjustments on either side of the headband. In addition, the enclosed headphones have very soft padding and a slight rotation to provide a better fit.

The CC-300 and CC-400 headsets are equipped with hyper-cardioid dynamic microphones and high ambient-noise attenuation headphones, significantly reducing external background noise. Both headset microphones can be turned on and off by moving the microphone boom. Users need only to pull the boom gently downwards to turn on the microphone and push the boom gently upwards to turn it off, in effect giving them a quick and simple mute to their intercom system.

Interchangeable cabling is another benefit: both headsets come with a standard four-pin female connector, but users can easily change the cable and connector at the base of the headset by using a Phillips screwdriver in order to accommodate different connector types. The same process can be used to repair and replace a damaged cable on the fly, the company says.

"Busy crew members need a headset that they can slip on and immediately feel the difference in fit and performance," says product manager Stephen Sandford. "The Clear-Com CC-300 and CC-400 deliver by providing long-lasting comfort and high-quality audio, and can be used in conjunction with virtually all of our intercom solutions."

(Lee Baldock)

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