Coemar under new ownership

Monday, 7 November 2011
Coemar under new ownershipSalvatore Grillo is the new majority shareholder and sole administrator of Coemar S.p.A.
Italy - Coemar S.p.A. has announced that the company has a new majority shareholder, Salvatore Grillo, who will immediately take up the role of sole administrator. Ten years after being acquired by the private equity fund Mezzanine Management UK Ltd (now MML Capital Partners), the company, which has a long history in the field of entertainment lighting, again has an Italian majority shareholder.

Salvatore Grillo is a 37-year old entrepreneur who, after accumulating his professional experience in a wide variety of companies in Germany and the United Kingdom, has decided to undertake a new challenge at the head of Coemar, alongside the renewed commitment of MML Capital Partners, which remain as minority shareholders.

"After nearly 15 years abroad, I'm very pleased to be able to sustain an Italian firm that is a real ambassador of the 'Made in Italy' in over 70 countries", says Grillo. He goes on to clarify the reasons behind his decision: "A name, and a near 80-year string of success stories, enviable product skills that are well recognised by the market, a talented team that wants to express itself and constantly improve in an interesting and diversified field that's undergoing the huge transformations of the global market."

"In a world that's getting smaller and smaller," says Grillo, "it's essential to be able to listen to the customer and adapt quickly. The age of the Internet has made it necessary to think differently, and those who aren't able to adapt will be completely lost in a couple of years."

Coemar's future aim will be to offer innovation, quality and guarantees of a 100% Italian product, together with a fast, competitive after-sales service in line with the requests of the market: "Coemar really wants to be young at the age of 80!"

The company says its plans include "development and support of the distribution network, with a stronger presence in emerging markets thanks to versatile innovation products designed with an eye to reduced consumption and energy savings."

(Lee Baldock)

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