Community expands R Series all-weather range

Friday, 17 December 2004
Community expands R Series all-weather rangeThe R5 speaker with yoke bracket.
USA - Community Professional Loudspeakers has announced the launch of four new all-weather R Series loudspeaker systems. Based on a design that is aesthetically neat and exceptionally simple to install, the four new models provide solutions for short to medium-throw applications, such as theme parks, field and winter sport venues, arenas and stadiums, convention centres and cruise ships, say the company. Providing high vocal clarity and hi-fi quality music reproduction, they can also be used in distributed indoor systems in medium to large spaces such as conference, exhibition and shopping centres and swimming pools.

The enclosures of the R Series are UV-resistant roto-moulded with integral points for vertical or horizontal mounting with the supplied yoke and a built-in pole mount on the R.25 for portable use. For all-weather reliability the enclosures are complete with three-layer Weather-Stop grilles. Community's unique PowerSense DDP protection is incorporated in the R.5-COAX models and the new Dyna-Tech circuit on the R.25, to ensure system reliability.

Smallest of the new products is the R.25, which measures just 11.3" x 11.3" x 13.3" (287 x 287 x 338mm). This full-range system uses a horn loaded 8" mid/bass and 0.75" compression HF unit on a 90 x 40 degree horn. The R.5-COAX-66 (and 66T 200W transformer version) uses a direct radiating 12-inch coaxial driver in a 16" x 16" x 16" (406 x 406 x 406mm) enclosure. With 99dB sensitivity, 60 x 60 degree symmetrical dispersion, 500W programme power handling and a frequency response of 50Hz-16kHz (+/- 5dB) the R.5-COAX-66 offers the highest SPL for music playback and speech systems.

For full range music the R.5-COAX-66 can be coupled with the R.5-SUB (and SUB T transformer version), which has a frequency response down to 45Hz. Utilizing the same 16-inch cube enclosure, the R.5-SUB houses a 500W programme 12-inch bass driver. Also incorporated in the SUB, for use in smaller and portable systems, is a 120Hz high-power passive crossover. 70/100V 'T' versions are available for constant voltage systems where cable runs are long. The 'T' versions offer a 200W transformer will very low insertion loss, allowing the addition of "REAL" sub content in a distributed 70/100V system.

If true full-range speech and music and wide coverage are required from a single cabinet, the R.5-COAX-99 (and 99T 200W transformer version) provides a solution, say Community. From the same 16" cube enclosure as the R.5-COAX-66, the 12" coaxial driver fitted in the R.5-COAX-99 provides 90 x 90 degree symmetrical dispersion with an extended frequency response down to 30Hz (-3.5dB), yet still maintains a high sensitivity of 97dB with 500W programme power handling.

For maximum flexibility in system configuration, the Community DXP4800 digital controller is pre-programmed with the parameters required for R.25 and R.5 loudspeakers. The R.5-COAX-66 and R.5-COAX-99 are available now and the R.25 will be available during the first quarter of 2005, say Community.

(Lee Baldock)

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