Community Serves it Up on the Green

Wednesday, 14 June 2006
Community Serves it Up on the Green
USA - Bowling Green State University's Doyt L. Perry Stadium celebrated its 40th anniversary with a newly renovated scoreboard and sound system. Remarkably, the 28,000-plus park is now amply covered by only five Community R6-51 loudspeakers, all hidden behind a mesh screen in the new scoreboard.

The new system was installed by Torrence Sound of Perrysburg, Ohio, who also provided EASE modelling and consultation for Toledo-based JDRM Engineering, who designed and engineered the fibre-optic based system.

A single Community R6 in the centre fires down to the far end of the field, with two more on either side covering the left and right seating areas.

Crown CTs3000 amplifiers, monitored and controlled via their IQ network, power the system from a single weatherproof enclosure under the scoreboard, and a Media Matrix system provides deep control over routing and signal processing. The speakers are each bi-amped for a total of ten channels of audio over fibre.

"The R6 is really a unique loudspeaker," explains Jason Thomas, Torrence Sound's systems engineer. "It's got exceptional power and intelligibility, and excellent directivity. With only five boxes, we've got full range sound over a big, big area. The bottom end is particularly good, and pumps all the way down to the far end zone with headroom to spare."

(Chris Henry)

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