Constant current power supply for LED installations

Friday, 25 June 2010
Constant current power supply for LED installationsSunpower's rugged new PLEC-035S035DT power supply
UK - Sunpower's rugged new PLEC-035S035DT power supply provides up to 100 VDC output at 350 mA. Its constant current capability makes it suitable for driving large LED lighting arrays. This 35 W supply automatically delivers a consistent, optimum current into a series string of any length from 9 to 28 LED lamps. Parallel LED strings can also be added, subject to the total output current capacity of the power supply. LED brightness can be set by a dimming control using a potentiometer or 0 - 10 Vdc input signal, says the company.

The PLEC unit's input voltage range of 90 -305 Vac is suitable for use in US and worldwide industrial installations, including those using 277 Vac . Its high efficiency of up to 88%, high input power factor of up to 0.99 and potted interior allow cool running operation with a service life greater than normal products.

The PLEC-035S035DT is just one member of Sunpower's PLEC-035SxxxDT Series, which gives professional LED lighting designers and installers a wide choice of DC output voltage and current configurations. The series comprises nine constant current 35W models with output currents ranging from 2900 mA to 350 mA, and output voltages from 12 to 100 Vdc. All models can be specified without the dimming function if so desired. Users can choose the higher output current models for predominantly parallel LED lamp arrays, or the higher output voltage models for predominantly serial LED lamp strings.

Applications for the PLEC-035SxxxDT Series include solid state lighting, moving signs, backlighting, LED-based decorative lighting, LED-based architectural lighting, LED stage and theatre lighting and LED electronic displays.

(Jim Evans)

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