Croydon's Black Sheep Bar chooses VQ Live

Tuesday, 19 July 2011
Croydon's Black Sheep Bar chooses VQ Live- A mainstay of Croydon's High Street, the Black Sheep Bar
UK - A mainstay of Croydon's High Street, the Black Sheep Bar is a respected and all-encompassing nightspot, with genres from Rock, Indie, Metal, Drum 'n' Bass and more entertaining punters at least six days a week.

When the popular bar recently needed to upgrade its PA system, it opted for the Tannoy VQ Live system.

Black Sheep Bar manager Paul Bossick said, "It's a superb system. We do a mixture of live music and DJing, and we're predominantly into dubstep at the moment, which is the reason we changed sound system - our old one was not really adequate. The Tannoy VQ Live systems captures all the sounds we want very nicely."

The installation was carried out by Aylesbury-based Moonlite Productions Limited. Moonlite managing director James Iyengar said, "Paul has been a customer for many years, and his venue has changed to adapt to current music styles and customer base. As a result, the old system was getting stretched harder and harder and was due for replacement. We provided a demo of three different systems, but the Tannoy VQ Live was the clear overall winner for the styles of music. The system was also incredibly simple and easy to install, and the feedback from Paul has been very positive."

Bossick adds, "We chose Tannoy VQ Live over the competition because of its capabilities to hit certain volume levels that certain DJs demand, and to do that with some style! I heartily recommend the Tannoy VQ Live system - it's really, really, good."

(Jim Evans)

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