Crystal CG and Tait Technologies join forces

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Crystal CG and Tait Technologies join forcesPhoto: Crystal London.
UK - The two companies that made event history by developing the digital artistry and technology behind the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies 'human-powered' video screen signed a global partnership agreement on Saturday 28 July. The partners are both behind the digital magic that enveloped the audience at Friday night's performance and plan to build on their joint offering to create immersive experiences for events worldwide.

Tait Technologies specialises in combining video and scenic technologies and provided the technology behind the largest ever video screen at the Opening Ceremony, which literally engulfed the audience. The screen is composed of 70,500 individual, full colour Pixel Tablets with a resolution five times that of HDTV and a height of 413ft.

Crystal is a creative agency which specialises in digital imaging and 3D animation. Crystal London created the stunning animated visuals for the bespoke screen that engaged the crowd at the Opening Ceremonies, extending Danny Boyle's vision beyond the stadium's field of play.

As part of the agreement, Crystal and Tait will act as one another's preferred suppliers on all experiential event projects. Both organisations have expertise in creating visuals for live and televised events for a variety of sectors including sport, automotive, corporate, broadcast and the arts.

"The impact of the Opening Ceremony proved the power of Crystal and Tait Technologies' joint offering," said Gilles Albaredes, managing director of Crystal CG International. "This agreement formalises our business partnership and allows us to keep breaking the technology barriers in order to delight and astonish audiences."

"Crystal's designers have the right skill and vision to grasp the possibilities offered by Tait's technology," said Frederic Opsomer, CEO of Tait Technologies. "The combination of our expertise and Crystal's creative talent has made history."

(Jim Evans)

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