CueCore on Holland's Got Talent

Thursday, 28 June 2012
CueCore on Holland's Got TalentVisual Productions' CueCore on the Dutch TV talent-show
The Netherlands - Dutch design, operating & video content company, Light Image, used Visual Productions' CueCore to great effect on the TV talent-show, Holland's Got Talent from RTL. Following on from the pre-recorded qualification rounds, Holland's Got Talent went on to broadcast a series of primetime live shows for the final stages of elimination and judging of the winning act.

Three judges would watch each performance and judge whether it should leave the competition by choosing to press the elimination button which in turn lit up a large red cross above the jury. If all three crosses turned red then the lights, video & audio would freeze and the act would be eliminated from the competition.

Light Image used the CueCore's MIDI-port to receive signals from the infamous large red crosses. The CueCore was positioned between the Audio control room and the three lighting desks, a Compulite for the general stage lighting, a GrandMA for controlling the effect lighting and a GrandMA2, which was being used for controlling the video servers. The Audio room sent a MIDI trigger to the CueCore which in turn sent out the correct MIDI-notes to the Compulite and the GrandMA desk to implement the 'lighting freeze' and also a third MIDI-note to the GrandMA2 to trigger the real-time video content. Additionally, all "Got Talent" leader-music automatically triggered the correct effect lighting and video cues in sync using the same technique via the CueCore.

The creative lighting design by Christian Ros (Light Language) and custom designed video content by Light Image made for a spectacular back drop to the acts. Key to the design was the real-time triggering of the crosses followed by the coordinated 'freezing' of the light, audio & video display.

Regarding his choice to work with the CueCore, designer Bas van der Poel from Light Image states: "The CueCore allows us to offer our clients flexible and quick show control as an accompaniment to our realtime video content system, without having to worry about running additional computer systems and software. It fits perfectly in our goal to integrate our video content, lighting and audio."

(Jim Evans)

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