D.A.S. Audio deployed at Miami's Stage

Friday, 25 February 2011
D.A.S. Audio deployed at Miami's StageInterface Sound's Ralph Alvarez at The Stage
USA - The Stage, Miami's newest music performance venue opened 7 January and is rapidly becoming the place to hear leading music acts, with styles ranging from R&B to jazz to pop/rock and even some New Age tossed in for good measure. The sound reinforcement system is drawn from the catalogue of D.A.S. Audio.

Interface Sound, a Miami-based sound services firm that specializes in live sound for concerts and the special events/corporate industrial markets while also maintaining a presence in the commercial installation business, was contracted to design and install the new sound reinforcement system at The Stage.

Ralph Alvarez, Interface Sound's owner/operator and designer of the sound system, comments, "The Stage is an area roughly 3,500sq.ft with a stage positioned along the back wall of the space. Because the venue has a wide range of music performances, we needed a loudspeaker system with the ability to accommodate jazz performers while being just as capable of handling the extra SPL requirements when there's dancing. For this reason, I decided to create a system with multiple zones that could easily be switched on or off to best adapt to the music of the moment."

The primary loudspeaker system at the venue consists of six D.A.S. Audio Aero 8A ultra compact, powered, two-way line array elements - flown three modules on each side of the stage. Low end accompaniment is provided by three LX-215A self-powered subwoofers that are discreetly positioned underneath the stage in a recessed cubicle. Two D.A.S. SML-15A stage monitors handle monitoring chores for the performers.

To provide fill for those times when the dance floor area is in use, the Interface Sound crew positioned two D.A.S. Avant 118A powered horn-bass subwoofers in front of the stage that face down over the dance floor. Similarly, there are two Avant 15A powered, compact full-range loudspeakers located at the opposite end of the dance floor - against the wall - that are angled downward. Both sets of loudspeakers are on switches that enable the house sound engineer to enable/disable this zone as required.

Alvarez concludes, "The DAS Audio sound reinforcement system provides even coverage throughout the space, it's extremely musical, and the fact that the various zones can be switched on or off as needed adds tremendous versatility. In the short time the venue has been open, we've received high praise for the versatility of the sound system. The musicians love it, the SPL levels on the dance floor are just right to keep the crowd engaged, and most importantly, our client is thrilled. I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out."

(Jim Evans)

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