D.A.S. Audio with 'Juanes' in Colombia

Friday, 24 October 2003
D.A.S. Audio with 'Juanes' in ColombiaThe view from FOH of the stage at Neiva.
Colombia - Colombian artist Juanes, currently enjoying enormous popularity, recently staged two large concerts in the cities of Neiva and Villavicencio in his home country, prior to beginning a tour of Spain. His latest album 'Un Día Normal' (A Normal Day), has sold more than a million copies around the world and he has won three Latin Grammy Awards, including the recognition as Best New Artist of the year.

Sound for the events was provided by People Sound directed by Samuel Puentes. The FOH system consisted of 32 D.A.S. Audio ST-2000 systems and 20 ST-2000 systems for the delay towers. All speakers were powered by Crest amplifiers and processed by a Dynacord digital signal processor, while a Midas Legend console was sued to mix front-of-house, while an Allen & Heath ML5000 handled monitors.

At the Neiva concert, the main PA was complemented by a front-fill system comprised of eight powered Compact 2 mid/high units aimed to provide additional coverage for the near field. On stage, People Sound provided four ST-15s for stage monitors along with four R-215s, assigned to drum and side-fills.

Ramón Franco, D.A.S. representative in Colombia, was on hand to provide factory support for People Sound. He comments about the performance, "During the sound check, the sound engineers for Juanes were very pleased with what they were hearing from the systems. During the concert, the sound was very good, with a lot of punch and very clean."

(Lee Baldock)

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