d&b solution for Danske Bank

Thursday, 20 May 2004
d&b solution for Danske Bank
Denmark - Capped by a vaulting glass mosaic dome, the new conference room at Danske Bank's headquarters in Copenhagen is one of Europe's more graceful presentation venues. Designed for a maximum 150 capacity, it is a classicist's vision of light and space. But roll down the projection screen, dim the lights, cue the show, and technology begins to impose its presence in a subtle fashion that belies its potency. "The bank approached us with a good brief, very specific in terms of application, but quite open when it came to equipment," explained Jesper Rosgaard of Informationsteknik, the company charged with defining and providing a complete AV system for the conference room.

"Danske Bank had several clearly-defined needs: they wanted a facility that could accommodate events of widely varying scale and complexion, so a dominant demand was for flexibility of equipment. Naturally they wanted equipment of the very highest quality in delivering sound, light and vision, but also the user interface had to be kept simple. Most importantly, they wanted a system that would prove adaptable to as yet unforeseen future needs."

In practical terms the video system presented one real challenge: "We determined that three 10,000 ANSI lumen digital projectors would provide the necessary power and impact for the 8m wide screen, but noise management necessitated they be placed within a soundproof enclosure."

Simple enough, but what of the more direct audio requirements? "We have installed separate speech and surround systems, allowing for the previewing of promotional campaigns for example, as well as direct speech-based presentations. The choice of speaker was simple for us - we regularly use d&baudiotechnik, Turbosound and JBL products, but d&b is 'Top of the Pops' for us; they provide the high quality demanded, plus they produce what are remarkably compact speakers compared to their performance."

The entire room is covered by just three Ci9s at the front stage position, a pair of E12 subwoofers, with just six E0s in the ceiling for the surround system. "We heard the new E0 at Frankfurt and knew immediately it was perfect for the sound system - extremely compact but with a typical d&b big sound. The performance of this little box is incredible. For the speech system we use just four E0s for the whole audience."

The complete installation, with everything provided and installed by Informationsteknik includes Digital Thunder projectors, Panasonic cameras, a Yamaha digital mixer, Shure wireless microphones for audience participation with B&K mics on the lectern, ETC lighting fixtures with lighting control from Zero 88 - and the whole installation subordinated to an AMX NetLinx system.

(Lee Baldock)

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