d&b V-Series on debut in Japan

Tuesday, 2 October 2012
d&b V-Series on debut in JapanThe new d&b audiotechnik V-Series on demonstration
Japan - "We've done it before, but never had such a response," Shinchiro 'Yone' Yonekura remarking on a recent presentation of the new d&b audiotechnik V-Series to the great and the good of the Japanese pro audio industry. "Everyone knows we are very conservative in Japan, even in pro audio, so when I decided the best way to introduce the new V-Series was a practical demonstration in a proper live venue I invited many people; sound engineers, system designers, audio consultants, and our dealer network of course; but I didn't expect over a hundred people to turn up."

There may have been other reasons; Yonekura launched the T-Series in similar fashion a few years ago, and although that event didn't draw as many people, the creeping success of the T-Series in Japan may be one reason why people paid more attention this time

"Also we were introducing our new sales director for Japan, Masayuki 'Mack' Miyamura. Although he is a well known figure in the industry, having previously represented a leading console manufacturer, his presence at our event was the ideal opportunity to consolidate his relationship with the industry in his new role.

Staged at the Shinagawa Intercity Hall in Tokyo on 20 September, Yonekura rigged a simple left/right array of seven V8 loudspeakers per side. "The system performed flawlessly," said visiting engineer Takuya Sugawara System tech engineer of MSI Japan, "We were all very impressed with the performance of the V system, it had that classic d&b voicing to which we have all become accustomed and a feature that makes our lives so much easier. It had considerable power for a small to mid-size line array. Perfect really."

(Jim Evans)

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