dBTechnologies to introduce UK sales team at PLASA Focus

Wednesday, 4 April 2012
dBTechnologies to introduce UK sales team at PLASA FocusDavid Finlay and Reuben McCartney – dBTechnologies UK sales team
UK - Italian acoustic specialist dBTechnologies will present its new UK sales team at the forthcoming PLASA Focus in Leeds. Products to be exhibited are the highlights of the DVA series, including its largest line array module DVA T12 and the active subwoofer DVA S30N, alongside the three Flexsys FM stage monitors and the brand new Cromo 15+ from the recently launched Cromo+ range.

The dBTechnologies team will be welcoming visitors at S-D29 this year with the help of newest recruits, David Finlay and Reuben McCartney. Finlay is responsible for the north of England having gained many years of valuable experience in retail and pro audio business. McCartney is based in the south of England, and has a wide knowledge in retail, pro audio and the recording industry.

A step up the evolutionary ladder from the successful T4 module, DVA T12 is special in its class, providing more power and a greater range than its smaller sibling, and yet with its active three-way design it is just as easy to set up and install.

Featuring neodymium speakers and high-performance digital amps with total of 1,410W output power, combined with a top-drawer DSP and premium quality AD-DA converters, the new DVA box delivers high-definition sonic images with an SPL output of 136dB for large sound reinforcement applications. T12 weighs in at just 29kg, enabling the easy set up of very powerful line arrays that deliver extraordinary performance.

An additional attribute is the RDnet port, which comes as standard from the factory. With this, T12 is ready for integration into complex, remotely controlled and monitored DVA sound reinforcement systems, allowing it to be adapted any time within seconds via RDnet. The DVA T12's low-end complement is the equally network-ready DVA S30N subwoofer.

DVA S30N features a dual 18" subwoofer pairing in a bass reflex housing, packing a muscular, ultra low-frequency punch. It delivers very powerful performance, with a range extending down to the lowest frequencies.

Comprising three models, FM8, FM10 and FM12, the Flexsys range offers tailored monitoring solutions using innovative technologies including dBTechnologies H.E.T. (Hybrid Enclosure Technology) multi-plywood with a scratch-resistant coating, and an integrated digital sound processor (DSP) that offers a crossover, digital multiband limiters, phase correction, and eight variable presets that serve to adapt the monitor to the varying demands of vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio playback applications.

The Cromo+ series "reinvents the entry-level speaker line specifications", with enhanced digipack digital amplifiers providing maximum efficiency, and an integrated digital sound processor (DSP) ensuring perfect sound calibration of individual speaker components.

Comprising four modules, the smallest being Cromo 8+ with 8" woofer and 300W, and now including the largest Cromo 15+ which is loaded with a potent 15" woofer and 600W of ultra compact digipack power, the range features compact multifunctional housing, asymmetrical CD horns and a mic input on XLR and jack sockets for maximum flexibility.

(Jim Evans)

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