DiGiCo SD7 mixes Foster The People

Tuesday, 3 July 2012
DiGiCo SD7 mixes Foster The People#NAME?
UK - Monitor engineer Francois Pare has been working with American indie pop band Foster The People for just over a year. When the band decided to expand its set up for the current tour he decided it was time to bring in the big guns in the form of an SD7 from British digital console manufacturer, DiGiCo.

"I'd been working on a maxed out board since I started with the band and I thought, now is the time to make a change in this set up. I talked with Foster's FOH engineer James Lawrenson about what we should do to make the gig better and what we both wanted to do with the set up. After our numerous chats, I came to the conclusion that there are not many boards out there that could give me more than 32 auxes."

Francois was familiar with DiGiCo's D5 and SD8 and liked the sound of the consoles. His decision was between the SD10 and the SD7.

"I finally chose the SD7 because it had three screens instead of one and gives me more headroom," he says. "I probably could have done the gig on an SD10, but I thought that I would be a little quicker on the SD7, so I went for it."

Foster the People's Summer 2012 tour starts at the end of May and Francois will be making full use of his SD7, which comes with two 96k SD-Racks and two Waves SoundGrids.

(Jim Evans)

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