DiGiCo SD8 at FOH for Tommy tour

Monday, 19 January 2009
DiGiCo SD8 at FOH for <I>Tommy</I> tour
The Netherlands - DiGiCo's latest console - the SD8 - has already been used on a range of tours with one of the more unusual productions being a version of The Who's rock opera, Tommy, being performed in the Netherlands.

Although combining popular music with theatre is currently a popular genre of entertainment, combining that idea with genuine live rock'n'roll is quite a tough challenge. But, it's one that popular Dutch four piece band Di-rect has risen to and ticket demand for the 90-date theatre tour of their homeland has been exceptional.

Sound contractor for the Di-rect Does Tommy tour is The Purple Group, part of the Synco Network, with the company's recently purchased DiGiCo SD8 in place at the front of house position.

Using DiGiCo's standard stage rack, the console is using 48 inputs and 16 outputs. With the addition of an RME MADI interface, the show is recorded each night to a laptop, enabling the crew to soundcheck in each new venue without the band needing to be present.

"That is a really great facility," says the Purple Group's Robert de Loey. "It makes soundchecking so much easier and quicker, because we can do it whenever it's convenient. We don't have to wait for the band and it frees up more time for them as well."

(Jim Evans)

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