DiGiCo SD8 on tour with Garfunkel

Friday, 17 October 2008
DiGiCo SD8 on tour with Garfunkel
UK - Less than a month after its launch at PLASA 08, DiGiCo's new SD8 console is already out on the road. An SD8 is being used to mix monitors for Art Garfunkel and his band, currently in the midst of a 12-date European trek. Playing to venues of around 2,000 capacity, it's a one truck tour so audio rental company AudioLease needed a monitor desk that was compact, but delivers quality sound.

"Being a one truck tour, space is at a premium," says AudioLease's Steve Sunderland. "With the SD8 we don't need to carry big racks of outboard gear, it's very compact and yet it still sounds awesome.

"I was amazed that there is now a DiGiCo console at a price that means we can use such a technically advanced desk in these kind of venues. It's very difficult to justify £50,000 to £100,000 worth of console for tours like this so, with the SD8, DiGiCo has filled a vast gap in the market."

Operating the SD8 on its first tour is monitor engineer Mikey Osman, who is also working with Art Garfunkel for the first time. Having used the DiGiCo D1 and D5 at both Front of House and monitor positions with other artists, he found moving to the SD8 straightforward.

"It's a very easy transition to make, I've found it very intuitive," says Osman. "It works exactly the way you'd expect. You don't have to go through pages of menus to get anywhere. You've got everything in front of you, it's all just where you want it."

(Jim Evans)

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