DiGiCo SD9 on the road with Roger Hodgson

Wednesday, 26 January 2011
DiGiCo SD9 on the road with Roger HodgsonHoward Heckers, Roger Hodgson and the DiGiCo SD9
The Netherlands - Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson is currently touring with Front of House engineer Howard Heckers, a DiGiCo SD9 and a pair of DiGiRacks.

"The reasons we chose the SD9 are its sound-quality, flexibility and its size - it is very compact to travel with," says Heckers. "Sometimes we have a flight to catch after every other show; the SD9 makes it easy for us to travel and still use our own FOH desk."

Another feature he likes about the SD9 is that they can only use one stage rack if Roger is playing a solo show, or use both when he is doing shows with a full band.

The console was supplied by DiGiCo's Dutch distributor TM Audio. "When we delivered the SD9 to Howard's studio, he was familiar with the complete console within an hour - it is that easy to learn," says the company's Jaap Pronk.

"When Roger and I hooked up the gear and listened to it, it sounded absolutely gorgeous, really crystal clear," Heckers adds. "In combination with the RME MADIface it is also really easy to fine tune the mixes after the soundcheck, or even bring the desk back to the hotel room after the show and fine-tune all my effects."

(Jim Evans)

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