Dirty Rigger snowed under

Monday, 22 October 2012
Dirty Rigger snowed underCold weather testing
UK - Preparing for the new 2013 catalogue, members of the Dirty Rigger team were sent into the freezing cold at the Xscape Snow Dome in Milton Keynes. With no better place to capture Dirty Rigger's new SubZer0 Cold Weather Gloves in action, the team were subjected to freezing surface temperatures as low as -15C throughout the shoot.

Dirty Rigger's product manager Steve Marshall says, "The cold weather gloves were outstanding. This is the first time I have personally used them in such a cold and demanding condition and they did not disappoint. The Thinsulate 40gram lining gave an excellent combination of insulation and dexterity, allowing me to get a good feel for the activities we were undertaking.

"There was little impact felt in my hands from the cold, even though at times they were working in direct contact with the freezing snow."

(Jim Evans)

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