Disco Fever adds 21st century edge

Friday, 4 July 2008
Disco Fever adds 21st century edge
USA - When the Disco Fever tour headlined by KC & the Sunshine Band made a recent stop at L.A.'s Greek Theater, thousands of disco fans of all ages turned out. Although the music may have been classic '70s dance tunes, the lighting effects were over-the-edge 21st century, thanks to Acclaim Lighting's X-Panel low-res LED screen system, which put on a high-tech display of colourful graphics on the wall behind the stage.

Lighting design/production company Stage-Tech used 36 X-Panel Frame Systems linked together to create the video display. The X-Panel is a lightweight 8.3" square panel with 25 high-intensity RGB LEDs that can be used in multiples to produce video, graphics, text, animated cartoons, or any combination. Each X-Panel Frame System consists of a 3' x 4' flying frame with 12 X-Panels and an Acclaim X-PD-150 power supply pre-mounted to it.

According to Stage-Tech's Joe Golden, the X-Panel system was "a big visual element" at the Disco Fever show, which was sponsored by local radio station 104.3 myFM. "With the X-Panel, we were able to put up something very quickly that was very customised," said Golden. "The radio station gave us the artwork they wanted to see on the screen, and we simply converted it to the right format." The X-Panel is controlled via Acclaim's X-Soft software, and is compatible with more than 10 major software formats, including JPEG, FLASH, MPEG, BMP and MOV.

In addition to graphics, the X-Panel screen was used to flash 104.3 myFM's logo and other text messages to the audience. "(The X-Panel) allowed the radio station to do their own branding for the concert, easily and very cost-effectively. It didn't require sending the logo out to an outside firm to have custom gobos made or anything like that, as you'd have to do with conventional lighting fixtures. The X-Panel also gives you the ability to create text messages on the fly," Golden added. "It's a very versatile system."

(Jim Evans)

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