Doctor Who on the road with Bandit

Tuesday, 2 November 2010
Doctor Who on the road with BanditDr Who goes green and live
UK - Lighting designer Mark Cunniffe called on Bandit Lites and UK C.E. Lester Cobrin for the new road show version of the BBC's Dr. Who Live! The stage version of this television favourite is part of the global move toward green technology as Cunniffe has chosen a fair amount of new LED fixtures. Among the offerings in the eco friendly green vein are Thomas Pixel PAR 90, GLP Impression, and Chroma Q Color Block DB 4. Nearly 100 different green LED fixtures are utilised, meaning less electricity is needed as well as lower levels of heat on the stage.

In addition to the new green technology, Cunniffe has called on some industry standards, including Martin MAC III, MAC 2000 Wash, VL 3000 Spot, VL 3500 Wash, Lycian 1290 spots, Lycian M2 spots, Thomas 8 Lights and a large array of truss and cable.

The entire system is operated daily by Marcus Robinson on a Grand MA console with an MA Lite as a back-up. The lighting crew consists of crew chief Roy Hunt, crew James 'Jam' Such and Joe Simpson. The production is under the control of manager Nigel Mousley.

(Jim Evans)

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