Doka Centre celebrates 25th anniversary with APG

Tuesday, 26 June 2012
Doka Centre celebrates 25th anniversary with APGXavier Pion outlined the new generation of APG products
Russia - Entertainment technology specialists and APG integration partner, Doka Centre, recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in style with a two-day event for over 200 people. A number of seminars and presentations were followed with a concert in the evening from a Russian band playing blues and rock through an APG sound system. The next day saw practical workshops and demos on themes and products seen the previous day. The whole event culminated with the most spectacular gala dinner complete with laser light show and pyrotechnics display on the walls of the building outside.

With offices in both Moscow and St Petersburg, Doka Centre is one of Russia's most successful systems integrators specialising in major projects all across Russia, in particular in the theatre, conferencing, cultural centre and education markets.

Attendees, who came from all over Russia, included lighting designers, customers and AV consultants, were treated to presentations by specialists on a number of themes pertinent to the integration market, including a presentation from APG's Xavier Pion on the company and the new generation of APG products. This was followed up the next day with a practical workshop and demos on SMX15, DX12 and DX15 from APG's product specialist, Mathieu Delquignies.

"It was a fantastic event," confirmed APG's Xavier Pion, "and one in which we were delighted to participate. Doka ran the whole thing completely professionally, and then in true Russian style, everyone let their hair down (helped by many, many litres of Russian vodka of course!) at the gala dinner. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know our partners at Doka a bit better - and vice versa of course - and at the same time we made a lot of new and valuable contacts at the heart of the Russian systems integration community."

(Jim Evans)

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