DTS aims for the digital signage market

Wednesday, 21 November 2007
DTS aims for the digital signage market
UK - DTS Digital Cinema today has announced the availability of its XD10 Media Player for digital signage and commercial A/V applications. The product combines an HD-capable A/V server and control package, suitable for a variety of applications from hotels to airports, theme parks to museums.

Drawing upon DTS' extensive experience in the cinema and image processing markets, the XD10 also provides highly flexible networking and configuration capabilities, along with the solid, reliable performance that DTS has been famous for delivering to 'the big screen' for over 14 years, says the company. The XD10 delivers video in a variety of formats over a broad range of bit rates. In addition to HD video, the XD10 also offers up to eight channels of audio. This flexible performance makes the XD10 an adaptable solution for A/V applications and leads to ease of installation for system integrators.

In order to meet demanding customer needs, DTS says it has ensured that the XD10 media player uses open standard technology to allow flexibility and easy integration into a wide range of working environments. The use of MPEG and Windows Media 9 coding technologies and standardised file formats allows content to be easily generated and delivered locally utilising either physical media (e.g.DVD) or remotely via an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Tony Nowak, managing director of DTS Europe, commented: "The XD10 Media Player is very flexible piece of equipment. Not only is it a superb player for DTS Digital Sound or PCM audio, but it is also a versatile and easy-to-use HDTV server/player for digital signage applications."

The unit comes with a 120GB HDD as standard, which allows up to 10 hours of HDTV video with either stereo or 5.1 audio if required. The network interface means that it can be easily updated remotely with new content.

(Jim Evans)

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