Elation introduces Design Wash LED PRO

Monday, 2 November 2009
Elation introduces Design Wash LED PROThe Design Wash LED PRO from Elation Professional.
USA The Design Wash LED PRO from Elation Professional is a high output moving LED head that combines smooth RGB+W colour mixing, fast speed and impressive brightness in a compact package that fits neatly into tight spaces - and tight budgets, says the company.

"We're very excited about the new Elation Design Wash LED PRO," said Eric Loader Director of Sales at Elation Professional. "This product is very comparable to a 250W discharge lamp, yet it's 50% more energy efficient, is about half the size and weight, and has a 100,000-hour lamp life, compared to a 3,000-hour life. In most colors, the Design Wash LED PRO is actually brighter than a discharge lamp fixture."

The Design Wash LED PRO is designed for entertainment and theatrical applications, where dramatic movement and a sense of excitement are demanded. A fully automated moving head, it delivers a 180 watt output from 60 3W RGBW SSC LEDS (22 red, 17 green, 15 blue and 6 white). The addition of white LEDs to the unit's RGB mix makes it possible to produce more vibrant colours and pastels as well as a true white.

"This is a very fast moving light with rich, vivid colours, so it can generate a lot of excitement and cover a range of moods," said Loader. "It's versatility in terms of producing colours, strobing, operating in different modes and panning makes it an even greater value, because the same fixture can be used in so many different applications. The quietness of the fixture has also been commented on by customers who have seen the unit, saying it is the quietest moving head fixture they have ever seen/heard."

The flicker free Design Wash LED PRO features a smooth dimmer (0-100%), 15° lens / 28° beam angle, 603° pan, and 265° tilt. Other features include 13 DMX channels, three-pin and five-pin DMX control, LCD display and onboard control. The Design Wash LED PRO operates in DMX, Master/Slave and Sound Active modes.

(Jim Evans)

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