ETC Selador Desire enhances Adelaide centre

Monday, 8 October 2012
ETC Selador Desire enhances Adelaide centreThe Silver Jubilee Organ at the Festival Centre bathed in colour light for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra's proms concert
Australia - Twelve ETC Selador Desire D40 Lustr+ LED fixtures have found a welcoming home at the Adelaide Festival Centre, which was the first of Australia's performing arts centres and is still acknowledged by audiences and performers as the best of its kind in the nation.

"We wanted a fixture that was robust and really an industry standard," explained Phil Haddy, head lighting technician. "The ETC brand is well known and respected which is why we looked to them first. Plus the Selador Lustr has the seven colours and is more theatre-orientated without sacrificing the energy efficiency and long life you expect from LEDs."

According to Haddy, the Selador Desire D40 Lustr+ fixtures have been performing well and responding beautifully.

"I really like that they offer a lot more colours than other units do and their output is really good," Phil added. "The fact that you can use a variety of lenses to get your desired effect is useful too."

(Jim Evans)

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