ETC shows layers of light at Prolight 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012
ETC shows layers of light at Prolight 2012The ETC stand at Prolight + Sound (photo: Digital Deluxe)
Germany - Lighting, dimming and controls manufacturer ETC has reported an enthusiastic response to its stand at Prolight & Sound this year.

For the first time, a stage area was set up on the stand, where field project coordinator Mark Tobler gave presentations in German or English describing ETC's overarching philosophy: Layers of Light. He showed how different types of lighting - tungsten, HID and LED - can be used together with ETC's latest control desks and Sensor3 power control system to create the right light for any kind of purpose.

Market anager for ETC GmbH Sarah Clausen says, "With ETC, our focus is on the quality of light; we wanted to show how we can really enhance the stage and what's on it.

"By setting up our famous mannequin with a brightly multi-coloured dress, we showed how we can make colours balance, 'pop' or appear dull by adjusting each of the different colours in an LED fixture; and we compared traditional theatre lighting with LED, to see if people could tell the difference. While no single fixture is perfect for every kind of use, our goal is to provide designers with tools that stand out on their own but also enhance the abilities of any lighting rig in combination with other sources."

Elsewhere on the stand, ETC staff were busy offering demonstrations of Source Four LED, with its tungsten, daylight and lustr+ coloured models; and the Sensor3 power control system, which is capable of dimming, relay switching and constant power.

Continues Clausen, "We always see a wide range of visitors from across the German speaking region, southern and eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and it was great to see so many people on the stand at once, giving them the opportunity to talk to us about their lighting needs.

"And we've not forgotten about our latest control products, which were also on show and continue to be a huge draw. Gio, which fills the mid range position between the Eos and Ion consoles, is the latest addition to the control desk range, and offers the power and functionality of Eos but in a smaller and more convenient footprint, perfect for budget or space conscious venues."

(Jim Evans)

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