ETC Source Four LED spotlight wins Sustainability Award

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
ETC Source Four LED spotlight wins Sustainability AwardFred Foster is presented with ETC's special Award for Sustainability for the Source Four LED (credit Chris Toulmin)
UK - ETC's new Source Four LED luminaire has won the prestigious PLASA Award for Sustainability at this year's PLASA 2012 show in London, against some strong competition.

Performing at 30 to over 40 lumens per watt, the Source Four LED spotlight excels in efficacy. This powerful yet energy-saving light creates beauty and artistry in stage, studio and architectural applications. It combines the popular features of ETC's conventional Source Four profile spotlight with the intelligence and seven colours of ETC's Selador Desire LED luminaires. And it comes in three different models - the Lustr+, Tungsten, and Daylight - each using just a fraction of the electricity of its incandescent counterpart. As the PLASA judges also commented: "[The Source Four LED] has a highly efficient optical system, and you can reuse existing lens stock."

ETC's CEO Fred Foster responded to the honour: "The Source LED is another 'green' light within our Source Four line. We engineered it to be an addition to the lighting design toolbox and to blend beautifully with the different light sources in today's 'hybrid' lighting rigs."

This is the second international award for the Source Four LED, which also won the 2012 Lighting Product of the Year at the ABTT show in June, also held in London.

(Claire Beeson)

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