Family Church puts faith in Aviom digital snake

Thursday, 11 November 2010
Family Church puts faith in Aviom digital snakeJamestown church installs an Aviom Pro16 Digital Snake
USA - Family Church of the Southern Tier, located in Jamestown, NY, recently moved from its original, small sanctuary to a new worship hall. For the new facility, the church chose Turner Specialty Contractors to install an entirely new audio, video and lighting system featuring an Aviom Pro16 Digital Snake and A-16II Personal Mixers.

A presentation by the local Aviom sales rep from McFadden Sales sold Randall Turner, owner of Turner Specialty Contractors, on the Aviom Pro16 digital snake and A-16II Personal Mixers, which he purchased for Family Church of the Southern Tier and is considering for other projects. The speedy installation of the snake, ease of use of the personal mixers, and overall reliability of the entire system also made a positive impression on him.

"The Aviom Pro16 digital snake is a very trustworthy system," says Turner. "The best part is, the Aviom gear just works like it is supposed to; most of the time you don't even know it's there because it runs so well." An added bonus for Turner is that the Aviom modules are connected using Cat 5, which serves as the backbone for the church's entire AV system.

The church's Aviom system includes two Aviom AN-16/o Output Modules located in a rack at the front of house along with two AN-16/i Input Modules and an AN-16SBR System Bridge. One of the AN-16/i Input Modules sends 16 channels from the front of house console to amps via an AN-16/o Output Module located in the rack room on the side of the stage.

Mic inputs on stage are connected to two AN-16/i-M Mic Input Modules housed in the rack room. These signals are converted back to analog by the front of house AN-16/o Output Modules, which feed a 40-channel Crest analog mixing console. The entire 32x16 digital snake is connected between stage and front of house through AN-16SBR System Bridges, which are located at each end. These units make it possible to combine all 48 channels on the one Cat-5 cable that connects the two locations.

(Jim Evans)

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