Fashion Matches up with Sound Division

Thursday, 23 October 2003
UK - The London fashion world turned out in force at the end of last month for the launch of Matches' eighth store in the capital, this time in trendy Notting Hill. Top models and fashion designers including Alexander McQueen rubbed shoulders with 200 guests and fashion celebrities at the event, while Matches turned to entertainment specialist Sound Division to provide the necessary DJ control equipment and audio services, including a radio link to deliver the audio across three separate stores.

Sound Division's Chris Baxter, who was responsible for designing and specifying the system, commented: "As with all of these events, providing the control equipment was the easy bit. We supplied a pair of SL1210 MK III turntables, a Pioneer DJM500 mixer, and a Denon 1800 CD player with a JBL Eon10 powered monitor. The tricky bit was cabling around the store in a discreet and tidy manner so that London's fashionistas weren't in danger of tripping up and spilling their champagne!"

However, the most interesting part of the job from an audio point of view was catering for the client's request to have the music relayed across three separate sites. Baxter went on to say: "Obviously this was something that we couldn't deliver via traditional cables, so we asked wireless specialists Hand Held Audio to supply us with a radio link that was specially licensed for the event. It worked perfectly, sending a clean feed to the in-house systems in the other stores so they could hear in real time what the DJ was playing in the new store. And as far as I know, no-one spilled their champagne!"

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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