First cardioid headband mic from DPA

Friday, 12 March 2004
First cardioid headband mic from DPAThe DPA 4088.
Denmark - DPA Microphones has launched its first cardioid headband microphone, the DPA 4088. Utilizing the company's renowned miniature microphone technology, the 4088 was developed in response to demand from customers who perceived a gap in the market for a high-quality, discrete cardioid headband microphone.

"Our customers strongly indicated that they were in need of a cardioid headband that would have a comfortable and secure fit and would be able to handle that loud stage sound experienced in some live shows and television," says Craig Parrish, sales and marketing manager at DPA Microphones. "The DPA 4088 opens up new opportunities in the live performance market to us, and we are extremely excited to be working with a product which has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of this market."

The 4088 enjoyed its first two outings on native Danish soil, at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2004, a national show held to elect a Eurovision Song Contest entry, and for a musical production, The House Built on Rock - at the Odense Teater, Sukkerkogeriet. Engineers on both shows declared themselves impressed with its performance and both companies immediately placed orders for the 4088, the Odense Teater purchasing 15 and Nordic Rentals (see L&SI magazine, March 2004), the PA company working on the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, adding 20 to its inventory.

"The actors on the show were very happy with the fit of the mics, which stayed in place during the most frantic head swirls," says Rudi Senf, sound engineer at the Odense Teater. "The sound of the 4088 is better than any other cardioid headset mic I have tried - and I have tried most."

Nordic Rentals used 4088s for the hosts throughout the show. "I found the 4088 impressive and open sounding, but quite honestly I would not have expected less," says Nordic Rentals engineer Jens Elsborg. "It offers plenty of headroom before feedback, and has a sleek and attractive appearance."

(Lee Baldock)

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