Geo D features in Korean church installation

Wednesday, 18 August 2010
Geo D features in Korean church installation- The 2nd Presbyterian Church of the Korean city of Incheon installs a Nexo system
Korea - The 2nd Presbyterian Church of the Korean city of Incheon has brought its long history bang up to date with the installation of the latest line array technology from Nexo. The implementation of a new digital sound system, by A Works Corporation, represents the final stage in a complete re-build of this 62-year old church.

The Incheon 2nd Presbyterian Church has spent the last five years engaged in a programme of reconstruction and renewal. Built in the 1940s, the church building was showing its age and its leaders took decisive action, opting to destroy the old house and design a modern replacement. Over the course of 2008, the construction of the new 1300-capacity church was completed.

Nexo was chosen as the supplier of the loudspeaker cabinets and amplifiers. A Works Corporation was named as the official installer, specifying a DiGiCo SD8 at front of house and Nexo's tangent-array Geo D10 cabinets for the main PA.

There are eight high-output D10 array modules in each of the side hangs, which are flown together with two CD18 subs a side. To handle the blind spots at the extreme left and right of the auditorium, two Nexo PS8 compact cabinets have been wall-mounted.

Stage sound requirements have been met by a sizeable number of Nexo's newly-upgraded PS10 R2 monitors. Additionally, a small PS15 R2 system was supplied for an adjacent hall in the Church building.

James Lee of A Works Corporation reports that there was something just a little bit different about the Incheon project. "The 2nd Presbyterian Church has a senior elder, Mr Lee, who is very knowledgeable about acoustics and sound system design. After our presentation, he asked us a lot of questions about the Nexo technology and about digital networks. The very next day, he called us back into the church and said 'bring a contract document.' He gave us some very wonderful compliments after hearing the Geo D system on the first commemoration service in the church."

(Jim Evans)

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