Giant Panasonic Plasma at Farnborough

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Giant Panasonic Plasma at FarnboroughThe world's largest flat panel display at Farnborough International Air Show
UK - BAE Systems created an immersive and engaging set to bring their key messages to life at Farnborough International Air Show using the world's largest flat panel display, the 152" Panasonic Plasma.

Farnborough International Air Show took place on the 9-15 July, welcoming both trade and consumer visitors. Digital production company Mediastation worked alongside BAE Systems' event partner Rapiergroup and trade AV rental specialist PSCo Rental to design the content and manage the logistics for this iconic screen.

Mediastation ensured that the 152" plasma was used to its full capabilities, designing 3D and interactive 4k resolution content using the Hummingbird platform to transform the screen from a static display to a gesture recognition hub.

Doug Fidler, creative director of Mediastation explained, "Nothing like this has ever been seen before in the defence and security sector so the screen created a lot of buzz throughout the show. We wanted to use the 152" because it allowed us to create an immersive experience without any bezels disrupting the content. The impact from the 4k content combined with the sheer scale ensured that messages got through to people in a memorable style."

PSCo Rental has exclusive ownership of the 152" plasmas in the UK which the company makes accessible for events through its professional rental package. Two specially trained PSCo technicians and six crew members brought the screen to site in its screenlifter flight case and wheeled it into place. It was then displayed on its bespoke screen lifter which has a hydraulic system to adjust thescreen to the desired height.

Lisa Wardle, rental manager for PSCo Rental said, "Since introducing the 152" to the UK, its primary function within the rental market has been for stage backdrops and touchscreen displays. The screen is now on its way to the Olympic Village for the London Olympics 2012 and the London Paralympics 2012 where it will be used throughout the duration of the games relaying all the action in the Panasonic Pavilion."

(Jim Evans)

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